City Lounge: New York (Book Three, Chapter Eight: Kris + Izzie II)

Chapter Eight: Kris + Izzie II:

She drives him crazy and she won’t marry him. But, why won’t he leave her? His close friend, Katie, doesn’t understand it.

“She’s clearly pushing you to your wit’s end,” she said as she climbed into his car.

“I know,” Kris said. She gave him a strange look after buckling up her seat belt.

“So… why do you stay?” she asked. He shrugged his shoulders as they took off, driving. At this point, Kris felt like he would be repeating himself. Katie didn’t seem to get it. She had reservations about their relationship when she first met Izzie. More


City Lounge: New York (Book Three, Chapter Seven: Good Friends)

Chapter Seven: Good Friends:

Maggie’s shift didn’t begin until eleven. She and Naomi walked through the city. Naomi leaned on her shoulder. Maggie pushed her off.

“Get off,” she said. Naomi looked up at her, pouting.

“Don’t be mean,” she complained.

“You are too old to be acting like this,” Maggie said. “We aren’t kids anymore.

“Hussy,” Naomi said. She stuck her tongue out at her. Maggie rolled her eyes and groaned. It’s always been like this since they were kids.

“So what are you doing today?” Naomi asked.

“Work,” Maggie said. “And you?” The photographer broke into a huge grin. More

City Lounge: New York (Book Three, Chapter Six: Elle)

Chapter Six: Elle:

She’s her own woman. Elle knows what she wants and loves who she loves. She had been dating Grace for about three years now.  Now that gay marriage was legal in America. Maybe it was time to settle down officially.

But first came the prep work. Enter Dianne.

“Have you thought about marrying Izzie?” Elle asked her Scottish friend in the jewelry store.

“No,” Dianne said as she looked at the diamonds under the glass. Elle looked up at her.

“Are you serious?” she asked. The journalist shrugged.

“Does she want to marry Kris?” Elle asked.

“No,” Dianne said. The actress looked up at her. More

City Lounge: New York (Book Three, Chapter Five: Dancing Queen)

Chapter Five: Dancing Queen:

Hayley always had one place to go on Saturdays. Last year, she convinced her friend, Miko, to come to New York from Japan.

“You’ll have a greater chance of becoming a hip hop dancer in the States than in Japan,” Hayley said over the phone. “Think of it as branching out your studio.”

“I’m not sure…” she said.

“Just try it out for a few months and if you don’t like it, you can go back to Japan,” Hayley said.

“I’ll take about it,” Miko said. One year later, Hayley stood in front of the glass doors of Studio Idol Dragon. More

City Lounge: New York (Book Three, Chapter Four: Cult of Izzie)

Chapter Four: Cult of Izzie:

How did Izzie manage to go so many people to like her? She asked a little bit to corky for everyone’s taste. Some wondered if she had mental problems. A few found her rather annoying. But, she still managed to hold everyone’s attention the moment that she spoke.

Kris knew this. She was the one to come to him after being dragged out to that party after a bad break-up. Izzie didn’t want to be out in the first place. She tried not to talk to anyone as she hung out in the corner with her drink. Her best friend hung around with the beautiful gay men as they danced in the living room. Izzie rolled her eyes. More

All April and No Fools

Well, we made it to April. Tomorrow, I will end Flame of Love. I plan to finish The Bisexual on Hulu this week too.  (I’m already halfway through anyway. So far, it’s been pretty good. Maybe I might do a review of it later. I will have to see.)

Now, I am working on Camp Nanowrimo. I am going to add more to this book I started last year started Circle of Friends. I don’t think I will get much of it done this month, but that’s cool. Camp is in April and July. So, I will try and get as much done this year. Wish me luck.

Things are still going good for me. I feel like I just need something new. Probably why I plan to watch about five or six things this month. It might be a little bit more depending on how things go. I might pick up something new along the way.

Other than Camp, there is Earth Child this year again. Plus, I will be working on Suburban Island II. There is a short piece I started on in February that I put on pause for The Month of No Gods. I will pick that up again this week. Plus, there is going to more City Lounge: New York this week too. Other than that, there isn’t much else to say tonight. So…

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City Lounge: New York (Book Three, Chapter Three: Kris + Izzie)

Chapter Three: Kris + Izzie:

He doesn’t understand her.  Izzie always wore him and Diane out. She puts herself first. Everything gets sucked into her black hole. Including him and Diane.

But yet, they stay. Why is that?

Once they met, she wouldn’t let go. She didn’t openly cling to him. Not her style. No, it was more like her charms had her hooks into him. Even when she told him that she was poly he didn’t run away.

“Poly?” he asked on their second date.

“Yes,” she said. Kris didn’t know how to respond at first.

“But why?” he asked at last. More

City Lounge: New York (Book Three, Chapter Two: Baby Please Come Back)

Chapter Two: Baby Please Come Back:

Maggie awoke to her cell phone ringing. She grumbled as she reached around for it.

“What the hell? Who the hell is calling me this early?” She put the phone to her ear. “Hello?”

“Baby?” a man’s voice. Maggie wrinkled her nose.

“Ronnie?” she asked. “What do you want?”

“I miss you,” he said.

“I don’t. It’s one in the morning. What do you want?”

“I miss you and I want you back.”

Maggie snorted. “I am not doing this shit again.”


“Don.t Just don’t!”

“But why?”

“We are over.”

“But why? We can try again, can’t we?” More

City Lounge: New York (Book Three, Chapter One: Afternoon In)

City Lounge: New York: Book Three

Chapter One: Afternoon In:

Izzie, Kris, and Diane all hung around in their living room. Izzie peeked up from her laptop. Her boyfriend was looking on his phone. Her girlfriend was reading a book on her kindle. The writer smiled to herself.

“What do you want for dinner?” she asked.

“Don’t know,” Kris said.

“I’ll have what you have,” Diane said. Izzie dropped her shoulders.

“I feel like some fish,” she said. Kris looked up at her.

“Where?” he asked. She leaned back on the couch.

“No idea,” she said. “Maybe go down to Sammy’s.” Diane glanced up from her kindle. More

City Lounge: London (Book Three, Chapter Fifteen: Morning of Floating Away)

Chapter Fifteen: Morning of Floating Away:


“What was on your mind?” I asked. Sophie shook her head.

“Not much,” she said. “You?”

I shrugged my shoulders. “Not much.” She kissed me on the chest.

“Are you doing anything today?”

“Not really. You?”


She rested her head on my chest and closed her eyes. “Mmmm.”

“You don’t feel like doing much today, do you?”


“Me neither.”

“So are we just lying here all day then?”

“Do you want to do that?”

“Do you?”

I thought about it for a moment and then smile. “You know what? I actually do.” More

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