City Lounge: Berlin (Book Two, Chapter Seven: Art Exhibit)

Chapter Seven: Art Exhibit:

I don’t remember ever going to¬†Berlinische Galerie. Standing in front of glass doors felt like a dream. I had to pinch myself in the cheeks. Suddenly, I felt underdressed.

“Fancy place,” I whispered. Sebastian put his arm around my shoulders.

“I don’t think so,” he said. I looked up at him with a weird look on my face. I took look around the museum. Everyone was either dressed in black, white, or both. We blended in, color-wise, I’ll give us that. But, the other guests looked like they had walked out of period piece from England. One lady even stopped and looked me up and down. She wrinkled her nose and walked off. Sebastian patted me on the head. More

City Lounge: Berlin (Book Two, Chapter Six: First Date)

Chapter Six: First Date:

So, this happened.

Somehow, I ended up on a date with Sebastian on Friday night. I was heading back from my lunch break when I got the text.

“Hey, what are you doing this evening?” his message read. I raised an eyebrow at the words. What is this?

“No, why?” I typed back. His response made my heart jump.

“Care to go out to an art club opening in Kreuzberg tonight?”

My cheeks turned red. Wait… Is he asking me out on date? “Like on a date?” I didn’t get a reply until I made it up to my floor. More

City Lounge: Berlin (Book Two, Chapter Two: Sebastian)

Chapter Two: Sebastian:

Who is this guy?

This evening, he just came by my apartment unannounced. I had just finished dinner and was about to clean up the kitchen when my doorbell rang. At first, I found myself rather confused. It was Wednesday and my neighbors didn’t talk to me that much to stop by.

“Who is it?” I asked.

“It’s only me,” a muzzled response came out through the speaker in German. My dishrag fell onto the floor.

No way… That can’t be… I ran to the front door. When I peeked outside, there he was. My jaw dropped. More

City Lounge: Paris (Book Two, Chapter Fifteen: Vow)

Chapter Fifteen: Vow:

I awoke back in my room the next morning. To my surprise, I found Simone sitting at the foot of my bed, watching me. I sat up with a perplexed look on my face.

“Simone?” I asked. “You stayed here all night? Watching me?”

“I had to,” she said. “It didn’t feel right to put you to bed and leave you after your little trip?” At first, what she said didn’t make any sense.

“Huh?” I asked.

“Last night, you were upset about your ex,” Simone said.

“I remember that part.”

“Well, I let you get it all out of your system. When you fell asleep, I remembered my promise to make you forget about her. So I figured that you needed a little pick-me-up to help flush your misery out for a night.” More

City Lounge: Paris (Book Two, Chapter Fourteen: Blue High)

Chapter Fourteen: Blue High:

I stirred awoke when someone shook me on the shoulder. I drew open my eyes to see Simone staring back at me. My vision was blurry without my glasses as I blinked.

“Simone?” I asked. “You’re still here, why?”

“Get up,” she whispered. “I have to show you something.” Her words woke me up to confusion.

“Huh?” I asked. The Indigo Queen grabbed me by the shoulder and tried to pull me off my bed. My face hit the floor.

“Whoa!” I shouted. “What the hell?!”

“Get up and get dressed,” Simone said. “I have a way to help solve your problems.” I tilted my head, blinking. More

City Lounge: Paris (Book Two, Chapter Thirteen: Sympathy)

Chapter Thirteen: Sympathy:

My sad miserable work day ends the same. Simone waited outside of the Wings International for me like she had been doing lately. (I stopped questioning that about a week ago. It’s just one of the things I have to accept.) I rested my head on her shoulder.

“Take me home,” I pleaded. Simone patted me on the head.

“Aw,” she said. I don’t want to talk about my ex to my potential girlfriend. I feel that there is some etiquette about when you can talk about your ex. I don’t want to sound hung up on Paula. I mean, I’m not. It just doesn’t help that we work together. More

City Lounge: Paris (Book Two, Chapter Twelve: Contempt)

Chapter Twelve: Contempt:

For every day of heaven I spend with my Simone, I end up back in hell with Paula at work. Today was no different.

This weekend, there is a huge project coming up for the company. Paula, Alexis, and I are working on a huge part. Already, this morning got off to a bad start. It was just Paula and I at our desks as usual. In the old days, I would be happy to look up and see her working at her computer. I couldn’t wait to go home with her and do it all again.

Today, not so much. More

City Lounge: Paris (Book Two, Chapter Eleven: Cafe Work Day)

Chapter Eleven: Cafe Work Day:

The next day, I awoke to my cell phone buzzing. I grumbled to myself as I reached around for it. Oh come on! It’s my day off. Can’t you let me sleep in and call in someone else to work?

“Hello?” I asked.

“Will!” a familiar voice filled my ears. “We’re in big trouble! Come down and help us out!” I sat up with big eyes.

“Simone?” I asked. “What’s the problem?”

“We have a full lunch shift at Mama’s cafe today,” she said. “We’re going to need all of the help that we can get!” Just like that, I was under her spell. More

City Lounge: Paris (Book Two, Chapter Ten: Who is Simone?)

Chapter Ten: Who is Simone?:

I watched Simone across the table as we waited for the appetizers. Who exactly was she? Part of me is tilted to peel back to the curtain and see what’s behind the show. But if I do that, the magic will be gone. For days, I have been back and forth about this battle in my head.

Tonight, I didn’t try to hold back.

“Simone,” I spoke up.

“Yes?” she asked. Her voice made me hesitate at first. I slapped myself in the cheeks and shook my head. I must stay focused here. Just come out and ask it without any tripping over myself. More

City Lounge: Paris (Book Two, Chapter Nine: A Touch of Class)

Chapter Nine: A Touch of Class:

Simone invited me out to somewhere fancy tonight. Okay, I can take a touch of class. She called me up after I made it to work.

“Hey, babe,” Simone said on the other line. My heart jumped into my throat. I shouldn’t be surprised that the witch’s spell could reach me other the phone.

“Simone!” I yelped outside of the glass doors. “Did I forget something at your place?”

“No,” she said.

“No?” I asked.


A puzzled look came onto my face. “Then… what is it?”

“A friend of mine is having a restaurant opening tonight,” she said. “I’m supposed to be working, but I don’t mind taking a date along with me.” I don’t know how she does it. The more I stay with her, the harder it is that I find to say no. More

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