One More Week and I will be Happy

One more week until I start season eight of my Wasteland Project. I am overjoyed! *Happy squeal* Anyway, we’re about halfway through 2019. Can you believe it? I can’t. Other than the Wasteland Project, there are a couple of other things that I will finish this month. First, there is City Lounge: New York and book three of the whole project. Book four of the project is coming. Again, we will start with Paris. We’ll get to see how Simone and Will’s relationship is developing. This will be fun.

The other thing I am wrapping up this month is Common. I am literally one chapter away from finishing. This should be delightful. After that, I will start on a new series called Taki High. I forgot what this was about. I will look at the site and remember.

I saw Thor last night. It was good. I can tell just by watching Black Panther, Iron Man, and Thor that the people behind the MCU are having fun with making the movies. They are like big kids in the studio. Later this week, I will be watching both Captain America movies. I just keep falling down the MCU hole.

I can’t wait for Sunday! Season eight is going to be great. While I wait, you can…

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City Lounge: New York (Book Three, Chapter Thirteen: Carmen on the Hunt)

Chapter Thirteen: Carmen on the Hunt:

Carmen’s looking for another love again. Or least some fun in bed. Summer Friday nights were the best time to get laid. Tonight was going to be no exception.

She went all out to look drop-dead gorgeous. Carmen felt like going out for gold and red tonight. Her bright red top showed off her midriff. The gold and white skirt flowed to her ankles. Carmen admired her deep red toenails. She was so happy to wear her little silver toe rings as well. After adding her rings, necklace, earrings, make-up, and a little perfume, she was ready to go.

So out the door she went. More

City Lounge: New York (Book Three, Chapter Twelve: Cut Ties in the City)

Chapter Twelve: Cut Ties in the City:

Why was she even out here? This was just like the same moment that she and Sabrina broke up. Izzie rubbed her forehead. She did manage to get rid of Jermone when he wasn’t looking about twenty minutes ago. She just saw her opportunity and took off running. Izzie grinned to herself as she did so. The author didn’t even take a look around her to see who was watching.

Sadly, that joy was shortlived as she got another call on her phone.

At first, Izzie thought it was Dianne or Kris calling to ask where she was. She smiled as she picked up her phone. But then, her heart dropped. More

City Lounge: New York (Book Three, Chapter Eleven: Jerome)

Chapter Eleven: Jerome:

Izzie was asleep on the couch when she heard the doorbell buzz. The author mumbled to herself as she lifted her head. The doorbell buzzed again.

“What?” she asked. The buzzing started to make her angry. Izzie huffed and walked to the door. She looked through the peephole.

“Who is this?” she asked. A dissolved-looking black about twenty-years-old stood around outside. Izzie groaned and rolled her eyes. The man looked up through the other side.

“Izzie!” he shouted. “Let me in!”

“Go away!” Izzie shouted back. The man started pounding on the door.

“Come on, please?” he asked. The author rolled her eyes. More

City Lounge: New York (Book Three, Chapter Ten: Night Shift in the Buffalo Bar)

Chapter Ten: Night Shift in the Buffalo Bar:

Friday night was always busy. Aaron straightened his bow tie. The summer was the best time for the parties in the bar. Some of the cutest men came out looking for a good time. The best ones came to work with him at the bar.

Tonight was going to be no different.

Aaron was going to mentor one of the new guys on this shift. He stood by the back door and waited. The night shift would begin about seven. Aaron looked at his silver wristwatch. Izzie bought it for him last year for his birthday. More

City Lounge: New York (Book Three, Chapter Nine: The Chill Out Lounge)

Chapter Nine: The Chill Out Lounge:

There is a small space above a bar in the West Village. Only a small amount of people go up the stairs to hang out. Today, Shane, Hayley, Naomi, and Maggie sat on a stuffy purple couch. Maggie held her juice to her chest.

“Is it okay for us to be up here?” she asked.

“Of course!” Hayley said. “We’re always up here all the time.” She stretched out her legs, turning her ankles.

“Cute toenails,” Naomi said. Hayley looked down at her light purple toenails.

“Thanks,” she said. “I had them done when mom and I went to visit grandma last weekend.” More

April is Done and Now to Wade Through May

So glad that April finally ended last week. Now, I have to survive May. It isn’t too bad, though. I finally got to see I am Not an Easy Man and Kung Fu Hustle. Both of them are good movies. I am Not an Easy Man was a bit confusing and the ending was rather abrupt. Kung Fu Hustle knows what it is and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Tomorrow, I will start the series, Atlanta.

I plan to finish Dreamland this month. I think I will be doing that next week. Currently, I am working on a mini-series called Night Hawks Files. I already have chapter one posted on Wattpad and Inkitt. I will also go back to City Lounge: New York this week too. Another Ghost Doll fic will be finished this month too, maybe. I will have to see.

I can’t wait for June to get here so that I can start on season eight of my Wasteland Project. I get bored when I am not working on it. The wait is killing me. Here’s what doesn’t kill me…

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Can’t April End Faster?

One more day and April will be over! Then May will be here by Wednesday. I will be happy then. I ended Camp Nano early because I was bored. I finished a series and a story this month. I also finished volume one of Love or Hate.  I just want this month to be over now. I know I am beating a dead horse with this, but that is how I feel.

What is coming up for May? Well, I do plan to finish my Dreamland series. There is the season finale to Suburban Island II this week as well. I will wrap up the latest fic in my Yami no Matsuei fic this month. Oh, and I will start on my Night Hawks Files trilogy too. There will be stories that start on the fifth of May. I think there are other things too. But I will have to go back and check later.

I got to see Little last Friday. It was cliched but entertaining. I got some good laughs out of it. I would give it a Stream It (7/10). I finished One Outs on the same day too. It wasn’t too bad. It didn’t annoy me, but it’s not that great. I give it a Kills Times (6.5/10). Now, onto Ergo Proxy and a few more movies and series on Netflix and Hulu. While I do that…

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Is April Over Yet? No? Okay…

Alright, I want April to be over. What’s going on lately? Right now, I am working on volumes seventeen and eighteen of Dreamland. The last volume will be either in May or June. Once I am done, I will had it edited and cleaned up. When I will have it published, I do not know. For now, I am to finishing something I have been working since 2008. (Wow, ten years. I know, right?)

What else is there? Next Monday will be the title drop to season eight of my Wasteland Project. I’m still working on Earth Child and Circle of Friends. I might get Pleasure Kingdom edited and cleaned up. I plan to do some adulting this week. How? There are a couple of bills to pay and some summer clothes to get out. Other than that, I don’t know what I am doing. I am waiting to get paid this week though.

I feel like I need to be doing more. I haven’t figured that out yet. But I will have it and make my life some much easier. Until then…

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City Lounge: New York (Book Three, Chapter Eight: Kris + Izzie II)

Chapter Eight: Kris + Izzie II:

She drives him crazy and she won’t marry him. But, why won’t he leave her? His close friend, Katie, doesn’t understand it.

“She’s clearly pushing you to your wit’s end,” she said as she climbed into his car.

“I know,” Kris said. She gave him a strange look after buckling up her seat belt.

“So… why do you stay?” she asked. He shrugged his shoulders as they took off, driving. At this point, Kris felt like he would be repeating himself. Katie didn’t seem to get it. She had reservations about their relationship when she first met Izzie. More

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