City Lounge: London (Book Three, Chapter Five: Street Performance)

Chapter Five: Street Performance:


I turned down the corner of the street when I heard loud music blaring further down. Hm? Is there a parade today or something? Curious, I followed the sound. I noticed two other people were following the sound as well. The music sounded like 90’s hip-hop from America. I couldn’t remember the artist off of the top of my head, but I know the song. I noticed a woman walking by with a baby stroller.

“Excuse me,” I spoke up. She turned her head.

“What’s going on today?” I asked. “Is there like a parade or something?” The woman shook her head and walked on. Okay then… More


City Lounge: London (Book Three, Chapter Four: Free on Her Own)

Chapter Four: Free on Her Own:


I’m free. I’m free! I felt like running around London. I was finally free! But now what? I didn’t think about that at the moment. I was too busy enjoying being free. No stupid ass boss to ruin my life. No annoying coworkers to put up with. No soul-crushing work that mean nothing. No stuffy walls around me. I was free!

I made it to the park and flopped down onto the grass. The sky looked so blue today. It’s always looked grey to me until now. I reached up as if to grab a cloud. What could I do with my time now? More

City Lounge: London (Book Three, Chapter Three: Out on the Streets)

Chapter Three: Out on the Streets:


I think I might have created a monster. Sophie wrote to me saying that she was going to quit her job today. I didn’t know how to reply to that. I just gave her a thumbs up and hit send. I do not have a good feeling about this.

I walked over to my nightstand and opened the drawer. Aw, damn. I’m out of fags. When did that happen? I frowned to myself. Do I really have to go out today? I threw back head and groaned.

Then, my mobile buzzed.

I picked it up and there was Sophie again. She’s probably texting me with the results of her mission. Either she’s gone through with it or changed her mind. More

City Lounge: London (Book Three, Chapter Two: Goodbye to Summer)

Chapter Two: Goodbye to Summer:


Autumn will begin tomorrow. I still have to work today. I don’t know why my boss has to pick me to do it. I still think she hates me. I stared in front of the ladies’ room mirror. Why am I really here? The work I come to work, the more I start to hate myself. I am starting to think that the money is not worth it anymore.

My phone buzzed in my purse. I took it out and looked at the screen. Oh wow, Paul did text back. My heart began to pound against my chest.

I just had to open it. More

City Lounge: London (Book Three, Chapter One: Happy New Day)

City Lounge: London: Book Three

Chapter One: Happy New Day:


The sun slipping through my blinds, waking me up. I grumbled and rolled over onto my side. I am not a morning person. I think it should be illegal to be forced to get up so early in the morning. I pressed my pillow over my head. Mornings like this are what remind me of my life growing up.

Even back then I didn’t want to get up for school. My mum would come into my room and start singing. She would do it so loudly. I would cover my head with the pillow until I surrendered. More

City Lounge: Berlin (Book Three, Chapter Fourteen: Stephanie’s Boyfriend)

Chapter Fourteen: Stephanie’s Boyfriend:

As we were cleaning and diving up Stephanie’s junk, I hear her phone ringing.

“Stephanie!” I shouted from her room. “Your phone’s ringing!”

“Okay!” she said. I looked at her phone charging on the nightstand. When I caught a glimpse of the name I got puzzled. Who’s Sugar Bear Brown? I looked up when Stephanie burst through the door. I stepped aside as she picked up her phone.

“Hello?” she asked. “Babe! How have you been?” I watched as she moved around in the spot where she had her phone charging. Wait… Does Stephanie have a boyfriend now? When did this happen? Who was he? Why hadn’t she said anything? Did her troupe know? More

City Lounge: Berlin (Book Three, Chapter Thirteen: Dividing and Cleaning)

Chapter Thirteen: Dividing and Cleaning:

I didn’t have hopes on the acting troupe to clean up Stephanie’s apartment. But, they were helpful will clearing out everything she had been hoarding. I didn’t expect them to come over right away. I looked up when I heard the doorbell ring.

“I’ll get it!” Stephanie said. She leapt up and hurried over to the door. I looked up in time to see her opening the door to her acting troupe. My jaw dropped.

“Hello, Garth!” she said.

“Hey,” he said. “How’s it been?”

“Oh, we’re just cleaning up my flat here,” Stephanie said. I came around just in time to see Garth give her an odd look. More

City Lounge: Berlin (Book Three, Chapter Twelve: Cleaning House)

Chapter Twelve: Cleaning House:

Stephanie led us back to her apartment. I wouldn’t let her stall. She kept looking over her shoulder at Sebastian and me. He had his hands stuffed into his pockets. I had my hands on my hips.

“Don’t try to pull anything on us,” I said. “Take us straight to your apartment.”

“Yeah, yeah,” she said, brushing me off.

“I mean it!” I said.

“I know!” Stephanie said back. We finally made it to her front door. She turned to Sebastian.

“Welcome to my flat of doom,” she said. “Em’s already been here today.”

“It’s a mess,” I said. Stephanie frowned at me. More

City Lounge: Berlin (Book Three, Chapter Eleven: The New Emily)

Chapter Eleven: The New Emily:

Already with my new hair I felt like a new person. I couldn’t stop looking at myself in the mirror. Stephanie had to tap me on the shoulder and clear my throat.

“I know you’re pretty,” she said. “But we’re not done.” I turned with a curious look on my face.

“Oh?” I asked.

“Wait here,” she said. Stephanie disappeared down the hall to the living room. When she came back, she had the bag in her hand.

“We just need to add the final touches,” she said. I found myself smiling.

“Yes ma’am,” I said. I sat down on the toilet and waited. Stephanie got right to work. More

City Lounge: Berlin (Book Three, Chapter Ten: Beauty Shopping)

Chapter Ten: Beauty Shopping:

Stephanie and I went out to the local shops for the rest of my makeover.

“You don’t need to wear too much makeup,” she said. “Just a small amount will do you just fine.”

“If you say so,” I said.

“I know so,” Stephanie said. She narrowed her eyes at me in front of the store. “Hm…”

“What?” I asked.

“You would look great with a darker color,” my best friend said.

“Okay…” I said.

“I mean it,” Stephanie said.

“Okay,” I said again. She grinned and took me by the arm. I followed her in without any argument. More

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