City Lounge: Berlin (Book Four, Chapter One: My Beloved)

Book Four: Berlin

Chapter One: My Beloved:


Friday night. I lay back onto my bed. Stephanie was out of town for the weekend. It was just going to be Stefan and me. He climbed on top of me and kissed me on the lips. I happily kissed back. I was the one who called him over.

“Hello,” I said.

“Hey, Emily,” Stefan said. “What’s going on with you?”

“Not much,” I said. “I’m just lonely.”

“Lonely? What do you mean?” he asked. I sighed as I pouted. (Kind of pointless to do that. He can’t see me over the phone.) More

City Lounge: Paris (Book Four, Bonus Chapter: Girlfriend at Home)

Bonus Chapter: Girlfriend at Home:

I walked into the lobby and rose when I saw Simone sitting on the couch, waiting for me. I struggled to speak at first. She looked up and waved at me.

“Hi,” she said.

“You’ve been waiting for me?” I asked. “For how long?”

“A few minutes,” she said. “I just wrapped up another job and figured that I would pay you a visit.”

“I wish you would’ve told me,” I said.

“I tried to call but your line was busy,” Simone said. I rubbed the back of my head and chuckled.

“Oh, that was my mother on the phone,” I said. “It was a bit of a family emergency.” More

City Lounge: Paris (Book Four, Chapter Twelve: Happy Vibes)

Chapter Twelve: Happy Vibes:

Black lace panties. I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. Simone’s skirt slid down to her knees. I could feel a tent growing in my boxers. The skirt was tossed onto the floor. I stared at her with wide eyes. My arms ached to hold her again. My hands inched towards her hips. She pushed them back. I stared up at my beloved.

“No?” he asked. Her lips curved into a smile and grabbed onto my boxers.

“Not yet,” she said. I was about to ask when she shook her head. That was all it took to keep me quiet. Stop asking questions. Just go with it. More

City Lounge: Paris (Book Four, Chapter Eleven: Stress Relief)

Chapter Eleven: Stress Relief:

Leaving work for the day was always the best part. I got to get away from the idiots and go home. Sometimes to Simone. And sometimes alone. Alone, I just clear my head and lose the urge to strangle people. Which way was going to go today?

I made it to my apartment. By now, I had gotten used to coming home alone. This was actually good. I walked over to my couch and flopped down. No sooner had I laid down, my phone rang.

“Oh come on,” I mumbled to myself. I reached down for my bag and shoved my hand inside. More

City Lounge: Paris (Book Four, Chapter Nine: Doing Nothing)

Chapter Nine: Doing Nothing:

We ended up doing nothing for the rest of the day. And it felt great! For once, we went back over to her place. I looked at her with a dreamy smile on my face.

“What?” she asked.

“You sure this is okay?” I asked. That question came as a challenge to her. Simone smiled and patted me on the head.

“Of course it is,” she said. Simone unlocked the door and took me inside with her. It felt like being home. Speaking of which, did I want to move in with her? My apartment was rented out to me because of my job. It wouldn’t feel right to make her move out of her place. More

City Lounge: Paris (Book Four, Chapter Eight: Out in the Park)

Chapter Eight: Out in the Park:

The outside felt more bearer. We didn’t really leave the library, though.

“There is a tiny garden in the back,” Simone said.

“Really?” I asked.

“Want to go see it?” she asked. Did she have to ask? Simone led me to the elevator and pressed the down button. She smiled and giggled as the doors opened.

“How do you find these places?” I asked.

“I just do,” my love said. We walked into the elevator and the doors closed behind us. I felt relaxed after the rush had gone.

“I really do like that game,” I said. “Can we do it again sometime?” Simone kissed me on the cheek. More

City Lounge: Paris (Book Four, Chapter Seven: Floating Away)

Chapter Seven: Floating Away:

We couldn’t stop kissing in the elevator. My hands wrapped around Simone’s waist. She looked me in the eye.

“Tell me what you want,” she commanded. I couldn’t hold back.

“Take me,” I said. “Please take me!” Simone giggled and kissed me again. Wait, are there any cameras in this elevator? It didn’t seem like it. This was an old building after all. It should be fine.

We separated when the elevator doors opened. Simone held my hand. I followed her out of the elevator. There weren’t as many books around us like the previous two floors we were on. However, I still felt like I was walking back in time. The wood looked very nice everywhere. More

City Lounge: Paris (Book Four, Chapter Five: Paris in the Cold)

Chapter Five: Paris in the Cold:

-Present Day-

Simone and I left Marie’s café. I shivered as soon as we walked out the door.

“When did it get so cold?” I asked.  Simone giggled.

“That’s how autumn is, dearest,” she said.

“But it was so much warmer this morning!” I complained. She looked at me as if to say, “Aw you really are that simple.” I frowned at the cold.

“Where to now?” I asked. Simone smiled and shrugged.

“Just walking around,” she said. I should have expected as much. Simone took me by the arm and dragged me along with her. I smiled and moved along with her. Paris gets more beautiful as the seasons go on. I enjoyed this city in the summer. Autumn is slowly growing on me. Soon it will be winter and spring. Simone cuddled up on my arm. I patted her on the head. More

City Lounge: Paris (Book Four, Chapter Four: Spicy Little Simone)

Chapter Four: Spicy Little Simone:

Simone is the only thing that I look forward to on my otherwise crappy workday. I can’t stop thinking about her, man. Who was this woman? Did such a woman even exist? What kind of witch was she? Simone had to be a witch. How else could I explain how she was?

“Will? Will?” I heard back in reality. I jerked my head upwards to see Simone and Marie staring at me.

“What?” I asked.

“What did you think of the soup?” Marie asked.

“Huh?” I asked as I looked down at my bowl. I held my spoon over my French onion soup. It donned on me what was happening before I remembered my day before at work. More

City Lounge: Paris (Book Four, Chapter One: Sinking into Bliss)

City Lounge: Paris: Book Four

Chapter One: Sinking into Bliss:


I keep falling down the blissful rabbit hole. Simone crawled up on top of me and kissed me on the lips. I chuckled as I kissed her back. I looked deep into her eyes.

“You’re pretty frisky this morning, aren’t you?” she asked. She giggled and caressed me on the cheek. We had just finished Halloween and the love was still going strong.

“Are you doing anything today?” I asked.

“No,” she said. I could still smell that baby powder on her body. Little specks of glitter still stuck to her skin. I couldn’t help but smile. More

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