I Need Some Recomendations

I am feeling lazy again with my watching things. I did start Inside No. 9 last week and the first episode was quite interesting. I might go back to it when I’m not so lazy. Fixing the pictures on my site is going well. It’s still going to take me a long time to change those pictures from Photobucket to Imgur, but the Chrome extension, Fix Embedded Photobucket Images, just made it a little bit easier for me.

Meanwhile, I’m waiting for American Horror Story: Cult to start up in two weeks. In the meantime, I am looking for something new to latch onto to help break my laziness and get me back into the rhythm of watching my backlogs again. Anybody have any ideas? Comment below in the comment section. While you’re at it…

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City Lounge: London (Book Two, Chapter Nine: Squire for Hire)

Chapter Nine: Squire for Hire:

The walk around East London brought back more memories our university days. There was this crazy party back in the fall of 2007. I couldn’t help but smile.

“What are you grinning for?” Sophie asked.

“Do you remember a bloke that called himself the Squire for Hire?”

“Squire for Hire?” she asked.

“You know, he always wore leather and smelled like pot,” I said. “Kind of looked like a hippie and biker. All of the birds flocked to him at parties. He was at a fall house party during at first year at university in ’07.” Sophie twisted up her face as if to try and remember.

“Sounds familiar,” she said. “Was he black or white?” More

City Lounge: London (Book Two, Chapter Eight: Wondering)

Chapter Eight: Wondering:

I did some thinking as we rode deeper into East London. Sophie stared out the window of the moving cab. In moments like this, I wonder what could’ve been between us. I missed those days in university. I wanted to say something, but I didn’t think any words would fit the situation. Instead, I let my mind wander back into the past.

Some of our friends didn’t understand why we were together. On the surface, Sophie looked like one of those posh girls who belonged in prep school. Some of our schoolmates tried to suggest different pop bands of the 90’s she should listen to. Sophie always looked like she wanted to vomit when she said a Take That album cover. More

City Lounge: London (Book Two, Chapter Seven: Garden Office Party)

Chapter Seven: Garden Office Party:

It’s just as Sophie made it out to be. I could feel myself falling asleep as I walked through the entrance of Abbey Gardens. Call me simple, but I’m not into the posh lifestyle. As far as I could remember, neither was Sophie.

“Why are we here again?” I asked.

“Work mates,” she said.

“And why am I here?”

“I need a way to survive this.”

“Do you have an exit plan ready?”


“Okay, let’s do this.” She and I walked down the entrance path. Sophie wrapped her arms around mine. My heart started pounding in my chest.

“Hey,” I said. Sophie looked up at me.

“You want to this be convincing, don’t you?” she asked. I forgot how I was going to respond. To be honest, I did kind of like it. I suddenly began to remember our college days together. Then I shook my head.

This wasn’t the time for that. We had a boring to endure. Save the happy sentiment for later. More

In Need of Something

I want something exciting. I could watch some of the stuff I loaded up on my Hulu list, but I have to beat my laziness first. I could resume my anime watching again, but I’ve too lazy from that too. I’m slowly burning through my podcasts. (I estimate that I will be finished with one of them by the end of this month.) I wish to read more, I’m too lazy. Sims 4 is starting to get boring, but I think I just need a new way to play it. I keep stalling with Durarara x2 with Netflix. I have been watching videos from Double Toasted, but that isn’t enough anymore. I did watch a video on Angry Joe’s channel today, but that’s about it. I did video the Batman and Robin Hilariousity video from Chris Stuckmann’s channel for a little bit, but then I went back to work. Last night, I listened to Lara Thompson read that god awful Harry Potter fic, My Immortal, and critique while I played Sims 4.


Maybe, I will just stuck up and get over my laziness and pick back up with Misfits. Wish me luck, but for now…

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City Lounge: London (Book Two, Chapter Six: Neighbourhood Party)

Chapter Six: Neighbourhood Party:

“Why are you whispering?” Sophie asked. I dropped my arm by my side.

“I’m not alone right now,” I said.

“So?” she asked. “Do you have a girlfriend over?”

I frowned. “No. It’s just Jazz.”

“So why are you whispering? You’re not dating her or me. Are you ashamed of us or something?” The way she said it started to make sense.

“Oh,” I said in a normal voice. I turned to see Jazz staring at my ceiling with a disapproving look on her face. Okay, I get it. My ceiling looks a mess. Can you move onto something, woman? More

City Lounge: London (Book Two, Chapter Five: Sassy Jasmine)

Chapter Five: Sassy Jasmine:

I made it back to flat again. I had planned on working on my music, but the pillow had other plans. Once I hit that bed, I was knocked out.

By noon, I heard my door buzz from the hallway. I narrowed my eyes as I lifted my head. What do you want, Jay? Why can’t you let me rest for at least ten minutes? You just dragged me along to the club. The buzzing didn’t stop and I groaned.

“Coming,” I grumbled. I had to drag myself out of bed and walk down the hall.

“Yeah?” I asked as I opened the door. To my surprise, a short and curvy black woman with sunglasses stood in front of me. She looked up at me, grinning. I blinked at first. More

City Lounge: London (Book Two, Chapter Four: Sophie the Queen)

Chapter Four: Sophie the Queen:


Even tonight, Sophie still has a strange effect on me. Seeing her face changed my plans for tonight. Initially, I had just planned to go with the flow of playing crappy pop music for the ladies tonight. (My soul was dying in the process). But when I saw her face on the monitors above, something inside of me took over. I began to think about my own music. That day with Sophie started up my passion for music again.

Before I knew it, my fingers took over the DJ Booth. Something inside of me told me not think, but feel. I counted down to when the last Sam Smith song played out. My mind chanted Massive Attack.

Massive Attack. Massive Attack. Massive Attack Massive Attack. Massive Attack!

Before I knew it, “Angel” started floating through the club. More

Rating System

I thought of this while I was in bed last night. I decided that if I ever get off my ass and start reviewing anime/Japanese movies/J-Dramas, I will put in place a rating system. It will go zero through ten and the names will be all of the following starting from ten downwards. These might be subjected to change if I come up with better labels for them:

10: Shut Up and Take My Money!

9: Download

8: Rental

7: Stream

6: Kill Time

5: Meh

4: Could be Better

3: Nothing Else On

2: Garbage

1: Background Noise

0: Fuck This Shit!

I think that’s good for now. And while you’re at it…

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What to Say This Week?

No news tonight,

The city’s quiet,

Steel Prison‘s still in limbo,

(I need to ask when my mother will get around to it),

There’s nothing for me to rant about at the moment,

Life is going well,

I haven’t cooked anything lately.


But it’s Monday and I have to post something.

Oh well, I guess I’ll just make up something off the top of my head.

I sit down and begin to type.

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