Is February Over Yet? No? Okay, Cool.

I am itching for a change. I have been doing little things, but it does not feel like enough. I did set up my payment method on Draft2Digital and got what little money that I did from the royalties. I might have to check the other places that I could be getting payments from and set them up. Maybe then, I could free up my payments.

I need to be more active on social media. I am usually busy with my writing and dozing off at my laptop. I am trying on Discord and Amino, but it all lasts for so long. I am hoping that will all change in March. Oh yeah, I will be finishing book three of City Lounge: London this week. Then, I will start on book three of City Lounge: New York.

I don’t know. Maybe I just need some fresh motivation somewhere. I just wish it could be March and then skip to June. I might buy another Sims 4 pack for my game. I did download a mod to try out, but I am a bit hesitant. I will work through my plans first. I don’t know. I will work something out. Until then…

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More Little Ideas in My Head

Ever since I increased my walk, I keep coming up with ideas from season eight. I think it’s because of this latest podcast “Ghost in the Burbs”. I also just subscribed to “Two Girls One Ghost”. I haven’t started on that one yet. I will once I get caught up on “Ghost in the Burbs”. Anyone know of any more horror podcasts I can check out, please comment below.

I have Lilith on my brain at the moment. I want to throw her in somehow. Plus, I want to make another character possessed. I have some much that I want to write. Why is August so far away? It’s driving me crazy. -sigh- Oh well, at least I have March to look forward to. Even that is too far away. It’s driving me crazy! I can’t even focus on Suburban Island at the moment. Gah! Don’t worry, I will be fine. For now…

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Podcasts I Listen to

I was suggested by my mother to do this. I thought about actually acting on it this morning on my walk. So, here we go.

I listen to a number of podcasts. I’ve gotten into the horror ones at the start of last year. (Let’s Not Meet/All Things Deadly, Maeltopia, Konwabana, Beyond Your Nightmares, and Ghosts in the Burbs). I listen to a couple of anime podcasts too. Grammar Girl is also on my list. I also listen to Launch. (He’s on break right now.) Plus, there are sex, Japan-related, and mythology podcasts. But today, I am talking about something not in any of those  categories.

The podcast is called Imagined Life. It’s a series about biographies told in second person. The hosts give you clues to who you are supposed to be that week. They reveal the person at the end. But, you will figure out who it is before you reach the ending. I got my mother into this podcast. She usually figures out who they are talking about before I do. (The last two I figured them out before she did.) Her favorite episode is “The Entertainer”. She’s also got one of her coworkers into Imagined Life as well. The hosts do a wonderful job of taking you on a journey through the person’s life. You will also learn little things about them that will make you want to go look it up for later.

You can find the podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and Tune In. The website is here:

Happy listening! While you are at it…

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Wasteland Withdrawals

It feels weird. I’m not working on any of the main stories from the Wasteland Project this week. I cannot wait until frickin’ June to start again. So, what am I going to do? What else? Write some original pieces to go with it. Here’s what I have on tap:

Suburban Island will be back next week on the seventh of February. Season one is on Wattpad.

I started a short series called Okami last night. The summary goes like this:

A young Okami girl starts to have visions leading her on a quest to find her mother along the East African wild. Along the way, she will meet others like her hearing a similar calling. What can it all mean? Is there a connection? As they seek the answer, they must be careful. There will be other wolves and hunters crying for blood.

New chapter will be next Sunday.

There will be some short original pieces too. I’m working on one right now called Alisa. I might write another tomorrow, I will have to see. For now…

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City Lounge: London (Book Three, Chapter Thirteen: The First Taste)

Chapter Thirteen: The First Taste:


-University in the 90’s-

I was doing some homework over the spring break in my dorm. I didn’t feel like going home that year. Most of everyone went home for break. I just didn’t feel like it that year. To be honest, I didn’t have any plans for that break. I sat back at my desk and sighed. Even back then, I didn’t try to fit in with society. Me in my high school years didn’t really go away, I guess. In that moment, I had lost the motive to do my school work.

I was about to doze off when I heard a knock on my door. Huh? Who was that? More

City Lounge: London (Book Three, Chapter Twelve: Queen in the Night)

Chapter Twelve: Queen in the Night:


I waited by my front door. I hadn’t stopped talking to Paul on the phone. No, I didn’t dress myself up either. Somehow, I didn’t feel like. I mean, this sort thing just happened. Nobody really plans for this. I didn’t plan for it when we first had sex. Now, it’s happening again.

“Where are you now?” I asked.

“I’m outside of your door,” Paul said. My lips covered into a cat-like smile.

“Really?” I asked. I looked out the peep hole. Low and behold, there he was. Paul stood in front of my door with the phone to his ear. I smiled as I opened the door and hung up. More

City Lounge: London (Book Three, Chapter Eleven: Ride in the Night)

Chapter Eleven: Ride in the Night:


I didn’t know why I was doing this. Sophie gave me the directions and I was out the door. I just grabbed my wallet and maybe some clean underwear for the night. I don’t know what I was expecting that night. Sophie sounded so thirsty when that conversation veered into sex. Don’t get me wrong. I like sex as much as the next bloke. But hearing Sophie say all of that just makes me…

I shivered. I couldn’t get too focused on all of that. Somehow, I had to see where this was headed. I’m not expecting too much. I just want to see what’s going to happen. Good thing the buses were still running. More

City Lounge: London (Book Three, Chapter Ten: Paul’s Pretty Little Thing)

Chapter Ten: Paul’s Pretty Little Thing:


I have always been Paul’s girl. He’s the only one that I am compatible with in all ways. I stared at my ceiling.

“When was the last time you had sex?” I asked.

“What?!” he asked. I smiled to myself.

“You know,” I said. “When was the last time you got any?”

“I don’t know,” Paul said. “You?” I sighed as I laid back onto the couch.

“It’s been so long for me,” I said. “You remember the first time we did it?” I heard that long pause on the other line.

“Paul?” I asked. “Are you alright?” More

City Lounge: London (Book Three, Chapter Nine: Spring of Love)

Chapter Nine: Spring of Love:


I can’t remember the last time I felt this happy. I had never had phone conversations that went this long with any of my previous girlfriends. We didn’t have to talk much, Sophie and I, we just had to be on the phone.

“Hey Sophie,” I said.

“Yeah,” she said.

“Do you remember our first kiss?” I heard her giggle over the phone.

“Of course I do. Why wouldn’t I?”

I leaned back and smiled. “You looked so cute in your uniform back then.”

“What are you talking about? I could barely keep that shite clean. I was always spilling something on it.” More

So Many Ideas and Plans. Where Do I Start?

I will be wrapping season seven of the Wasteland Project next week. But, I still want to expand the universe. Last year, I did it with Suburban Island and Night Hawks. I started listening to the Maeltopia podcast and I want to do an expanded universe with my work too. I have so many ideas, but I don’t know where to start.

I have ideas for quicky shorts. I want to mix Japanese and African mythology for a story about wolves. Plus, there will be a season two of Suburban IslandNight Hawks will get a second season three chapters too. I still need to come up with a Wasteland omake too. I have so much to fill until the last Monday of June. I have other stuff not related to the Wasteland Project. Stick around for that. Until then…

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