Top 200 Fav. Couples (Pt. 19)

We’re almost done. Just bear with us.

20. Faye + Sakura (Tenshi Trail/Bunny Peep)
T.J. has flirted with this idea for years now. I can see why. They would look hot together. Sakura is so innocent and Faye is wild. I and the rest of the TZA staff just love the theme of corrupting the innocent. It’s like we’re the bees and it’s the honey. Faye seems to delight in tainting Sakura from time to time. Sakura being innocent seems to go along with it. They would work, but Faye would have to kill Spike first. (Just kidding! : P)
19. Susan + Mike (Desperate Housewives)
This is a cute little love story here. She had eyes for him since the pilot. But, she had to get through Edie first. But, Susan + Mike finally manged to get together during series one. They break up and get back together again constantly. It seems like they seem to say, “Let me deal with my own issues first and then I’ll come back to you.” He comes to her rescue many times. Even through dark secrets, conflict, her blunders, marriage and divorce, and other people, the love between theses two doesn’t seem to die at all. Now, I don’t know who Mike married in series 5 finale, but my money’s on Susan! It just has to be, damn it! It just has to be!
18. Catherine + Warrick (CSI)
When I first saw them, I thought that they would be great together. They seem to have a little thing for each other. They have shared at least to kisses through out the series. They did delight plenty of sweet little moments together for the world to see. When she nearly fell off of the off the side of the ditch and he caught her in “Down the Drain,” I kept cheering for them to kiss. (Darn the construction worker for interrupting everything!) I kept hoping that they were get together as a couple. But sadly, the writers didn’t do that. Warrick got married to someone else. But he divorced Tina by series 8. Became a pill addict and got killed by the undersherif. Catherine cried at his death as well as I did. Why?!? Why did they have to go and kill him off?!? That’s just wrong!!! *Cries*
17. Shuichi + Yuki (Gravitation/Euphoria)
This is where the inspiration for Nishi Kaze came from. Shuichi is a hyper-active dreaming drama queen. Yuki is cold moody and distant. Shouldn’t work out, right? But, it does so beautifully. Yuki’s charms won our favorite pink-haired drama queen right over. Even though the cold hearted kept trying to push him away, Shuichi wouldn’t give up because he loved Yuki. In the end, they formed a sweet and stable relationship. I kept it that way in Euphoria. Just as it should be!
16. Grissom + Lady Heather (CSI)
This is one of the best pairings in Las Vegas! When I first saw them together in “Slaves of Las Vegas,” I practically went, “Oooo! Grissom! You’ve got an admirer!” They looked hot together and the chemistry bubbled just right! Then, a case seemed to tear them about. But even so, they managed to get through it and send off high volts of chemistry off of each other. I really wanted to see them together. I would’ve been in happy land then. “Let Out All the Rest” hinted that something hot happened between them. Much better than him with that icky old Sara! *Pouts*
15. Jakob + Riza (Anaconda)
Born out of my annoyance with Royai. I figured, why not hook Riza up with a younger man? I feel in love with the results. They seem to be the only stable couple in the Anaconda fic series. Mind you, Esther, Jakob’s mom, keeps everything from being too perfect. Other than that, you have a typical love story here. Riza + Jakob started off as hot and heavy in volume one and the relationship stemmed from there. She kept it a secret at first and broke up with Roy for the young tasty mouse. A few Roy/Esther-endused trials later and Jakob + Riza are happily married and expecting their first child together. Isn’t love so sickening sweet?
14. J.D. + Turk (Scrubs)
Admit it, these two are gay! How gay are they? Look up homosexuality in the dictionary and you’ll see a picture of the together right next to the word. Carla knows it and J.D. + Turk’s song, “Guy Love” proves it. Mind you, I do love them together as a couple. They look so cute, you would probably go into a diabetic coma. If I had my way, the series finale would go, Turk: “Baby, I have a confession to make. I don’t love you. I’m in love with… J.D.!” Pretty, huh?
13. Nick + Cassie (Euphoria)
Bitterness and sweetness seem to go together so well, you know? These two play on that one so well. She’s just super sweet and he’s just spiteful to no end. But like Shuichi, she fought through and won him over. Believe it or not, Nick actually does care about the crazy little pretender a whole bunch. He cares in his own sick and demented way. When put together, you have a team of troublemakers on your hands. And that my friends, is a good thing to behold!
12. Spike + Sakura (Tenshi Trail)
This is one on T.J.’s sweetest couples ever written. She is a tenshi-chi and he is a bounty hunter. She came to look for her creator, Amadeus. Spike seemed to have feelings about her that he really couldn’t explain. In the end, he and Sakura fell in love and the mystery of Amadeus was solved. Sadly I must say, that some people can’t seem to grasp the idea that Sakura is an angel! So they mislabeled her as a “purity sue.” Hello! She’s an angel, people! Angels are supposed to be pure! Man, I can’t understand idiots at times! *Calms down some*
11. Jamie + Mel (Earth Child)
They have chased each other around for years. He had a crush on her since they were kids. She refused to pay him any attention at first. But then, he won her over. They ended up dating for years. He messed around on for a couple of times. They broke up and got back together over a number of times and years. But in the end, love won out. Their son, Micah, is living proof of this fact and their relationship. Hey, maybe we might hear wedding bells in their future. We’ll just have to see.

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