Top 200 Fav. Couples (End)

Here we are to the end at last!

10. Chris + Jal (Skins)
This is the only true canon couple that I like so far on the show. They seem to be the most stable out of everyone else. He started out as an immature party animal. She was a princess who knew future and didn’t take crap. Then, he lost everything and turned to her for help. Under a promise to loosen herself up some and for him to stop saying, “F**k it!” all of the time, he got a job and a place to live. As a result, they fell in love and became a couple. I loved them so much. Sure, they had their problems, but they managed to rise above in the end. It sucked that he had to die in the end. *Cries* Why did the writers have to go and kill him off in the end. *Cries harder*
9. Ritsuka + Sobui (Loveless)
They look so great together. Innocence and experience comes out to play here. Sobui really does love Ritsuka. But, the young boy doesn’t seem to believe him at all. He keeps trying to push the older man away again and again. But, yet Sobui stayed by him no matter what. They had plenty of moments that made me go, “Ooo!” and “Aw!” I am glad that Sobui decided to wait to deflower Ritsuka. The boy is only twelve for god sakes! He’s only a frinking child! They are pretty cute together though!
8. Emma + Fujisaki (Euphoria)
One of Euphoria’s sweetest couple. They are complete opposites of each other. Shouldn’t work out, right? But, she hit some rough times and lost everything. He gave her advice and made the same bet that Chris + Jal did. When Fujisaki came off of his perfectionist horse some and Emma rose up to the level of being a productive citizen of Japan, the two fell right in love with each other. A relationship followed after that. They had their problems, but they managed to work it out in the end. They stayed together until she died. Death is such a cruel mistress, isn’t it?
7. Haley + June (Red Bull)
This is a sweet little yuri love story for all. Again, innocence and experience plays a powerful role in this relationship. Haley and June met when while Haley was out shopping for shirts for her late husband, Nathan. She still was grieving for him. Then, Haley bumped right into June on the street. The young window fell attracted to the wild woman right away. But, Haley became confused because of it. June stayed patient beside of her and helped Haley come out of the closet as a bisexual. Their relationship has been stronger ever since.
6. Noizchild + Kohana (TZA Staff)
I have a sweet and naughty relationship with a mouse girl. She was a gift to me from Rob. Again, corrupting the innocent and innocence and experience plays heavily with us here. I keep wanting to tempt and corrupt little Kohana here. She is so sweet and loyal to me. I do my best to protect her when I can. However, there are some people that accuse me of using her. I think this is due to my behavior towards her sometimes. But am I really? I’m never telling you!
5. Tsuzuki + Anna (Ghost Doll)
Care for another cute little love story, anyone? Ten years ago, they met on a case where her father had been murdered. She saw the body and sank into sorrow. Tsuzuki had to take the sixteen-year-old away from the crime scene. They stayed out in the garden all night long. In the midnight hour, they shared a kiss together. At first, the love didn’t go anywhere after that. The case went cold and she went away to America. Ten years later, she came back to Japan to find out why her father was murdered. But sadly, she ended up murdered herself. Tsuzuki and Hisoka investigated her case. Tsuzuki went to go see the body. An old friend of Anna’s father gave the shinigami a Hell Stone bring Anna back from the dead. Tsuzuki used it and rescued her from being cremated alive. They reunited and fell in love. But now, they have few messes to clean up. But don’t worry. They can make it. Trust me!
4. Chuck + Ned (Pushing Daisies)
One of my favorite non-anime couples ever! They are so sweet it could rot out your teeth. But yet, they tease us with the love. They can’t have sex, they can’t kiss, and they can’t even really hold hands. Why? Because if he touches her, she will die! It was just wrong that she appeared naked before him in one episode. That was just teasing us! I want something so hot to happen between them, but it can’t. Just like I want to see more of them together, but I can’t. ABC canned the show. Darn them! That’s just cold!
3. Keiichi + Belldandy (Ah My Goddess!)
These two were made for each other. She is so good to him. He called and wished for her by an accident. A sweet and romantic relationship bloomed from there. Many elements want to tear them apart. But yet, this couple manages to rise above and survive in the end. They so innocent together. I keep wishing for some hot stuff to come along and happen to them. After that, maybe we can hear some wedding bells as well. *Keeps fingers crossed really tightly*
2. Aoi + Kaoru (Ai Yori Aoshi)
One more sweet love story for all. These two have been engaged for a long time since they were little kids. Even after all of these years and he left his family, she still stayed loyal to him. That’s love there my friends! She’s not a little whimp either. She had a quiet strength to her and will stand by her man and friends no matter what. They look so sweet and innocent together. Just like K1 + Bell, I keep hoping something sexy-hot will happen between Aoi + Kaoru. In the last manga, I’m happy to say, they finally got married! Yay!
1. Noizchild + Mosh (TZA Staff)
This is more of a shout-out, really. I love him and he loves me. Simple as that. We hooked up in the pilot of Aiko Suite. He just found me and it just… clicked from there. The love has been growing on ever since. Now, we do have some problems like normal lovers. Other girls for both of us in particular. But, we manage to rise above in the end. Love ya, my sweet and sexy little mousey!

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