Top 200 Fav. Couples (Pt. 18)

30. Eric + Calleigh (CSI: Miami)
They started out as a suggestion to me. Then, I began to see it for myself. They do look cute together. They look better than him with Boa Vista. The whole time, I hoped that Eric + Calleigh would get together. I got my wish in series seven. They finally started dating after he nearly got departed to Cuba. The love looked sweet and she worried about him during the series seven finale. But, I know he’s going to be fine. I haven’t heard anything about Adam Rodriguez getting fired from the show. So, that’s good news so far.
29. Derdra + Edward (Anaconda)
He may be a monster in my fic, but he have his tender moments. They were mostly shared with her. He saw her as his one salvation to return him back to normal again. He fights his hardest to resist tainting her at all. Because, he knows that if he does, he would be forever damned in the Fallen World. He would confess all of his hinus and brutal crimes to him. Now, she knows what he is now. But, she’s not afraid enough to run away or turn him into the military. Why? Because she knows that he is trouble and wants to help him. This is why I like reading about their relationship so much.
28. Paige + Alex (Degrassi)
Now, I don’t really have a real interest in the show. Goody-goody teen shows aren’t really my thing. But these two give me a little interest in the show. They added another piece of the LGBT element that I support completely to it. Paige + Alex looked so cute together. I rooted for them all the way. The episode, Lexicon of Love, started my faint interest in Degrassi. It broke my heart that they didn’t last lost, but I have the reruns of their relationship to reflect on. I still don’t really watch Degrassi. I fast forward through it mostly, but I will watch moments with Paige and Alex together.
27. Rigsby + Van Pelt (The Mentalist)
They could and should get together. Jane can see that they are meant for each other. Van Pelt is trying to fight it by playing by the rules. (How long does that ever last before characters give in to their desires?) But, the cracks are starting to show early. One instance is after her psycho boyfriend tried to kill her and Patrick Jane out of revenge for breaking up his happy family home life. After everything, Rigsby and Van Pelt would have kissed, but a janitor interrupted the moment. (Darn him!) Another time was when Rigsby became hypnotized by a suspect. Jane commanded him to do the first thing that came to his mind. And what did Rigsby do? He kissed Van Pelt on the lips. I squealed in joy there. I hope that these actually get together. That would bring joy to my world.
26. Hodges + Wendy (CSI)
It breaks my heart to say, but I would telling the truth here. But, they look really cute together. He may be annoying as hell and I might want to slap him at times, but he really loves her. I saw hits of this in series eight’s “You Kill Me.” She seems to have feelings for him as well. But doesn’t want to admit it. I hoped that they would get together. I finally got my wish in series nine. The episode, “A Space Oddity” is what brought them together. I rejoiced at their union. Best of luck to them.
25. Izzie + Alex (Grey’s Anatomy)
Let’s face it, they were made for each other since series one. I caught on about series two-three. I figured out that they were great for each other from what I heard my mom and aunt say about them. Izzie + Alex were hot and cold for the most part. Many obstacles broke them apart. Trust issues, his jerk behavior, Olivia, Addison, and George. (Yuck on the George part. What the Hell were they thinking?!? I hope Shonda Rhimes fired those writers for that blunder!) But, the cancer is what brought Izzie + Alex together in the end. Then, death threatened to separate them once again. But fear not, Izzie signed on for another series of the show. So, she will live. Yay!
24. Alex + Edward (Anaconda)
This is a demented love relationship right here. Edward just sees Alex as a toy that he can use and abuse wherever he wants. However, he shows a sick sense of tenderness towards his pet. Almost like some sort of a sick and cruel joke. The little lamb is scared to death of the fallen alchemist, but yet he loves him deeply. He takes the abuse because there isn’t much that he can do. It maybe hard to understand on the surface. Then again, if someone showed you kindness, but then beat you about the head, you would be pretty confused too. This is why I take pleasure in writing about their relationship.
23. Yuki + Shizuma (Nishi Kaze)
They have a sweet relationship. Yuki developed a crush on the demon after he saved him from the hands of bullies. Shizuma ended up feasting on the human boy’s blood in order to regain his strength again. A full-on love story sprouted from there. Yuki ran to him, but Shizuma pushed him away. The light wouldn’t give up though. One little kiss changed everything. From then on, the demon stayed with his lover and their relationship continues to grow on from there. But there are some slowly rising up in the path. They’ll make it though. You can count on that!
22. Canti + Anzu (Canti Angel)
This came from all of the Anzu-bashing Tony had witnessed. He just wanted to find a true love to call his own. He found her and sent out a mind slave to sleep with her. Anzu was afraid at first. But then, he won her over. A steamy relationship ensued. But that’s only half of the story. Arestil, Canti’s older sister, is jealous of her brother’s new relationship and wants to kill Anzu. Now, it’s a fight for love and survival. Aww, how sweet!


21. Ritsuka + Yuiko (Loveless)
To be honest, either Yuiko or Soubi is good for Ritsuka. Like Soubi, Yuiko really does love and care about Ritsuka. He may push her away, but she’ll willing to stay by just to help him. She’s so sweet too. The creator thinks that she and him would work together if Sobui wasn’t around. Kouga Yun stated about Yuiko in a 2005 Japanese magazine interview, “She emerged when I wondered, ‘What kind of girl would it take for Ritsuka to be happy?’ While she was created to match Ritsuka, she changes from meeting him … with some injection of intelligence. She honestly wants to change to become worthy of Ritsuka because she likes him. So if Soubi wasn’t around, they’d make a great couple.” I feel you, sister, I feel you!

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