Sore Legs and Progress

I have been walking for twenty-two and I’m really feeling the pain in my thighs. I won’t know how much weight I lost until I weigh myself on either May 31st or June 1st. (I figured not weighting myself until the end of the month would be more effective that way.) A perk of this is that I get to play and delete some podcasts that I have had on my laptop for years. (I start episode 100 on Anime Jam Session tomorrow.)

In other news, I finally got back the edits to my fanfics and new beta reader for another fic. I am starting on work right now. I’m still waiting on word from the two stories that I intend to publish. (Good help is hard to find sometimes.)  The rest of this month is going to busy. I hope that I can find the concentration and time to read chapter five of Self-Editing for Fiction Writers. As for the music, I’m making it work out and I think I found something else to help out with the playlists that I had in this one fanfic I will be editing.

Just another day at work.

–Noizchild Johnson


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