Vacation Time

There will be no journal post next Monday because I will be on vacation from next Friday until the second of April. I will still be writing, however. Lately, I am itching to do more than play my Sims 4 game after I finish work. I don’t know exactly what, though. My next project, Earth Child, doesn’t begin until April seventh. Wasteland 2011, another fanfic project of mine, doesn’t begin until June 27th and I already have the ideas for it. The wait is killing me for that project. Right now, the blog is fixed up to look much better on the sidebar.

Oh yes, there is something else. I re-released Bride in Black. Here is the promotional bit:

Title: Bride in Black

Description: A London bride climbs into a taxi cab for her wedding at the court house. However, the driver refuses to let her out and drives her around the city asking questions about her fiance. The bride comes to a revelation before the shocking and tragic end.



Go ahead, check it out. When I get back from vacation, I will reformat another book or maybe get a free trial of Scrivener. I will have to see. Until then…

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Almost There…

Okay, I am almost set to publish Fall Semester sometime tomorrow or this week. I have the story edited and the cover is ready. I just need to launch it on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Draft2Digital, and Google.  After that, I don’t what to do.

I have so much to this December like I usually do. My to-do list comprises of Christmas and writing. I might have to look for someone to beta/edit a couple of short stories. However, you might only see some stuff out in January. I will see how I feel.

I still can’t believe that 2015 is almost over. I have made so much progress this year. Now, I have one more month to finish off this successful year. Maybe I will be more aggressive in promotion and editing in 2016.  Maybe get a full-time job. I will be taking my writing career more seriously.

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Just a Little Bit Longer…

Just a few more minutes now…

Bloody Days is edited and waiting to be sent off. (If Kindle Singles rejects it, I’ll just self-publish it next month.)

I will work on Pink Films and have it published in time for tomorrow.

All of it is coming all in due time. Just hang in there for tomorrow. You can do it. I know you can!

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(Hopefully) I’m Out of Editing Limbo

I finally sucked it up and started to look for new beta readers/editors. My aunt is editing my short story, The Perfect Doll, for me. I am still looking for someone to edit Sins of Women and the first volume of  Hapless Cupid. So far, no one is biting, but I will keep waiting. I will check on the progress of The Perfect Doll tomorrow.

That’s it for now.

-Canojo Koi

Stuck in Limbo

I’m stuck in publishing/editing limbo. I am waiting for the edits to come back from the stories I want to publish. I think I’m going to have to try and check back on some people again. I am itching to publish something again. My grandmother is asking me if I had been publishing anything lately. The last book I published was Six Days. -Sighs- I really need to get up and really get back to work. First, I am going to track down my editor for The Perfect Doll and see what is up. Wish me luck. I also have been falling behind on practicing with my left hand as well. I don’t know what is up with me and the dry spell.

On the up side, I have my laptop back in order. Yay!

–Canojo Koi

Sore Legs and Progress

I have been walking for twenty-two and I’m really feeling the pain in my thighs. I won’t know how much weight I lost until I weigh myself on either May 31st or June 1st. (I figured not weighting myself until the end of the month would be more effective that way.) A perk of this is that I get to play and delete some podcasts that I have had on my laptop for years. (I start episode 100 on Anime Jam Session tomorrow.)

In other news, I finally got back the edits to my fanfics and new beta reader for another fic. I am starting on work right now. I’m still waiting on word from the two stories that I intend to publish. (Good help is hard to find sometimes.)  The rest of this month is going to busy. I hope that I can find the concentration and time to read chapter five of Self-Editing for Fiction Writers. As for the music, I’m making it work out and I think I found something else to help out with the playlists that I had in this one fanfic I will be editing.

Just another day at work.

–Noizchild Johnson

Grooveshark Lives!

The story goes like this: Evil bastard record labels made shut down. Days later, popped up. Wednesday night, the labels caught on and tried to sue. As a result, the site went down and I wasn’t a happy camper yesterday. Now, it’s called The labels just need to surrender and just let the music play. That’s going to be the way of the future in the end.

Anyway, I’m dying to do more edits here, for publishing or fanfics at this point. I found one of my beta readers and I hope she finally replies back. I’m just going to have to wait and see. *Fingers crossed* I don’t like waiting, but what can I do?

I’m just trying to get caught up on the shows that I missed last week and writing. That’s it for now.

–Noizchild Johnson

Any Time Now…

I don’t have any movies that I watched this week. Sorry. The only thing left on my Netflix queue is Supernatural and I’m only on season six. (It. Never. Ends!)

However, I will be publishing another short story titled, The Perfect Doll, hopefully by this week or the next.  Also, I will check in on the edits for Sins of Women and try to get an editor/beta reader for the first volume of the light novel series, Hapless Cupid.

I have been watching this show on ABC on Thursday nights called, American Crime. It’s interesting enough to hold my attention to find out how Nathan was murdered and who really did it. I can’t stand Felicity Huffman’s character, though! She’s just a racist idiot bitch. I am hoping that something happens to her that makes her change bigoted ways. The show itself isn’t much, but it is interesting enough to see how it’s going play out.

In the mean time, enjoy this little poll.

More Good News

Sleeper is now available on Kobo and Nook.



So far, I’m still struggling with trying to post something else in this blog other than my story links branching out. I’m currently waiting to hear back from my beta readers and finishing up stories that I want to publish. Please bear with me. I am doing all that I can.

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