Controversial Album Covers VI (Pt. 9)

Note: This entry is the first to have two albums that have the same cover in the years behind each other. So, I will cover them both together in the first entry.

And now, we begin…

Years: 1994-1995

Slayer: Divine Intervention and Serenity in Murder

The Problems:

Divine Intervention:  The cover was originally intended to depict a photo of a guy’s arms with the band’s name carved into them. However, vocalist Tom Araya stated that the cover was “too graphic” and would be banned from certain stores. Guitarist Kerry King decided to move the graphic image onto the inlay and the disc. The cover was changed to depict a circle of a skeleton sitting on a skull on a stone wall background. However, many vinyl releases have the original cover artwork.

Serenity in Murder: This is a 4-track EP released by Slayer shortly after the release of their 1994 LP Divine Intervention. But it was discovered that the cover featured a photo of the band’s name carved into a guy’s back (a callback to Divine Intervention, which featured two arms having the same thing). Unlike Divine Intervention, the EP has never had an alternative cover.

My Take: It’s not a good sign when the lead find the image too graphic for their own album, but hey you have to take about selling your art sometimes. So, yeah… Though, it does seem kind of pointless if you are just going to doing something similar for your next album, you know?

Megadeth: Youthanasia

The Problem: More heavy-metal inspired controversy features on the cover of Megadeth’s sixth album Youthanasia.This Boosh inspired Nanageddon entails a murderous granny pinning babies by their ankles to a washing line that extends as far as the eye can see. Rather oddly, the little ones in question don’t seem overly perturbed by their fate.
My Take: Well, there goes the myth of all grannies are nice and adore children… You know, I have come to notice something. Why is it that most of these controversial album covers come from heavy metal and rap CDs? I just noticed that this year.

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