In Need of Something

I want something exciting. I could watch some of the stuff I loaded up on my Hulu list, but I have to beat my laziness first. I could resume my anime watching again, but I’ve too lazy from that too. I’m slowly burning through my podcasts. (I estimate that I will be finished with one of them by the end of this month.) I wish to read more, I’m too lazy. Sims 4 is starting to get boring, but I think I just need a new way to play it. I keep stalling with Durarara x2 with Netflix. I have been watching videos from Double Toasted, but that isn’t enough anymore. I did watch a video on Angry Joe’s channel today, but that’s about it. I did video the Batman and Robin Hilariousity video from Chris Stuckmann’s channel for a little bit, but then I went back to work. Last night, I listened to Lara Thompson read that god awful Harry Potter fic, My Immortal, and critique while I played Sims 4.


Maybe, I will just stuck up and get over my laziness and pick back up with Misfits. Wish me luck, but for now…

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