Sims! Glorious Sims! (Plus Win 10.)

I love my Sims 4 game! Ever since I installed the expansion packs and reinstalled the game, I became hooked again. I want to play more right now. I’m trying to save up a little bit on Amazon to get the other three (soon to be four) packs to turn my game play up to eleven! I also have a good story line going on with my plans to turn my world into a swing town. Right now, I’m going to give my main Sim family a rest so that I can add a couple more neighbors. (I’m fixing the game a little bit because a minor glitch that happened today.)

Speaking of Sims, I upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Win 10 two days ago. It looks really nice and it all goes a little bit faster now. Though, I did hear of a little glitch on the news. I will fix it later when I remember the exact details.

Next month, I will have volume one of Hapless Cupid published. I already have planned when volumes two and three will be coming. Two will be in October and three will be in January 2016. I will also get off of my lazy ass and work on Sins of Women have it published next month tops. Sit tight everyone.

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