Love the Holidays

Ah, Christmas is coming up. There’s just so much to do.

I have a rough idea of what I want to write about for my first newsletter. Plus, I will be doing plenty of edits when I get back from vacation. (Yay, edits.) I have my mailing list up. You all just need to sign-up to receive newsletters. I look forward to hearing from you. My book, Bacchus’ Mistress, will be scheduled for January tops. I will have to see how my beta readers are coming along. One’s almost finished and the other got started. Also, I expect to clean up my site more and promote it to up the traffic. The same goes with some of my fanfics. (I already have the first chapter of one edited. It will be posted on on New Year’s Day.)

See you after Christmas!



Vacation for Next Week

Hello everyone, no new post next Monday because I will be on vacation. However, I will be working on edits and writing the whole time. (I just don’t seem to know how to stop working. :P) In order news, Sleeper will be available on the other e-book formats on the sixth of January. Plus, I hope to haveĀ Bacchus’ Mistress out on the same month. (I hope…)

That will all for now.

Love ya, Canojo

And Now for a Little Announcement…

There by no new stories/chapters from Friday to Sunday after next. I will be on vacation on a cruise from there. So, don’t cry and get yourselves caught up until I return. Ciao!

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