Planning Ahead

Good news, everyone!

I am going to publish a new light novel series, Dreamland, soon. I already sent it off to a beta reader to read it. I really do love writing this. I have an idea on how the journey will end, but I don’t know how I am going to get there. For now, you will get the treat of reading volume one of Dreamland really soon.

Things have been going great for me. I am really loving my job. Waiting for the pay is a little annoying at times, but it’s all great. I can’t wait to write more with my job. I started watching Princess Jelly yesterday. So far, I have only seen two episodes of it. My Teenage Romance Comedy Snafu was good. I might go back and watch season two once I clear through my list of anime. (It just keeps on growing! Ahhhh! Help me!)

After I publish volume one of Dreamland, I don’t know what I am going to publish next. I will have to look through my files and see what should go up. For now…

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