I am Starting to Make a Little Progress

Last night, I edited chapter nine to my Cardcaptor Sakura fanfic and posted it on Fanfiction.net. I only have three more chapters to go. Next, I will edit my Wasteland 2011 project. I might be able to get caught up/finished with some of my fanfics before spring and start editing and reformatting my e-books.

There are still some other things I need to do, however. I still need to find a full-time job, get a developmental editor, and promote myself more. There are how many days left in January? Also, my earbuds finally broke. Currently, I am using an old spare pair, but the sound quality is really off in that set. Now I have to buy a new pair as soon I get my money for cleaning aunt’s house this week. Technology can be so annoying at times.

I’ve had Muse on the brain lately and I don’t know why. I mean, they are alright and the page on them on TV Tropes make them seem more interesting. The band does have some songs I do like and I am using their music for a story that I started today. I don’t know what to tell you. I just wish that I had my snow this year. I want to wake up to a pretty white wonderland, damn it! Grrr! *Calms down and clears her throat*

Anyway, that’s it for now.

–Noizchild Johnson

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