Pinky Lives!

Technology is weird sometimes. Pinky, my Dell laptop, died last on February 15th due to the clock battery coming off and the clock battery being dead. A couple of months later, I took out the hard drive to some files to Celty, my Acer.

Fast forward a year later to this past Saturday.

I had planned to try and recycle Pinky for some cash in my local recycling place. Instinct told me to turn it on to see it still was broken. When I pressed the button, it booted up and asked for a diagnostics test. I accepted and it didn’t find anything wrong. Then suddenly, Pinky started working again. At first, it was around midnight with the date that it stopped working. But then, the time and date automatically caught up. After some updates to the computer and some of the apps up there, I was all caught up again. I get rid of some apps that I shouldn’t have on that laptop. I even changed the wallpaper and lock screen. I got the mouse working too. I think Pinky started working again before I took out the hard drive, put it back in, and didn’t mess with it for about a year. I don’t know. Technology can be weird like that sometimes.

The only problem is that the files on there are out of date. I did get my Sims game up to date on Pinky. (I will have to update Origin and Sims 4 on it too, but that’s for another time.) I can just upload my files to Google Drive and download them to Pinky. I did it for the Sims 4 game files and that worked beautifully. I will have to see if OneDrive will sync up with Pinky too. I will also need to figure out why Pinky’s battery wasn’t charging yesterday when I had it plugged up. It charged fine on Saturday. I need to figure out if it’s where I had it plugged up or if I need a new charge chord. I will have to run the tests while I get everything up to date.

Now, I have to figure out what to do now that I have to functioning laptops again. I will figure something out. Meanwhile, you can…

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R.I.P. Pinky

Christmas 2008- February 15th, 2017

That’s right. Pinky has died. My first laptop has decided to stop working. What exactly happened? Was it the hard drive? A virus? Nope. The cmos battery holder came off. I kind of messed with it a year before just to get o the CMOS battery out to change it. I tried to super glue the holder back on and change the CMOS battery, but when I booted it back up the laptop, it said “Time of Clock has stopped”. Yep, it’s dead. I took out the hard drive to get the data off, but I don’t have the chords to connect to the new laptop. Speaking of which, I am using my new laptop (Which I have named Celty) and it is sweet! It has more space and the downloads on iTunes are much faster. Plus, the battery lasts longer than Pinky’s second battery.

It’s funny, Pinky lasted through the whole Obama administration. Oh well. I guess I figure out to fix Pinky one day and the other external hard drive. But for now…

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Happy 4th Everyone and Presenting… Love Addict!

Happy Independence Day! How was your Fourth? Mine was okay. I ate food, but I didn’t really get to see fireworks. Oh well, maybe next year. Still, I got work done. Oh and saw the first new episode of D.Gray-Man Hallow. I love it! The animation and the voice actors are different. Someone complained about them, but I told them that artists often change style because they need to grow in their craft and they probably couldn’t get the same cast to do the voice roles. I thought the voices fit the characters. Overall, I can’t wait to see the next episode next week. Now, I have more thing to do.

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Time for some book pimping.

Title: Love Addict

Description: A thirty-something sex addict is on the prowl tonight, but what she finds is a stranger that rips open the old wounds and sends her into mental anguish as she tries to survive the night with him.


I also cleaned out the vent of my laptop. I had no idea that I let dust build up that badly for close to seven years now. It was so gross too. Eww! Now, Pinky can breathe much better and not overheat on me when I play Sims 4. Yay!
I only have five more books left to re-format and re-publish. Soon, I will go back to publishing new books. The next book up is Weekender. Expect to see that some time this month or the next. For now…
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RIP Flash Drive

Around 5:30, my flash drive decided to quit on me. I was working on my Wasteland Project when it decided to stop saving because I was out of space. So, I copied my files and put them on my hard drive. Now, I use my hard drive for writing.  I don’t know how this happened. I’ve had that flash drive since about 2007-2008 and never had a problem until today. Weird…

Anyway, I’ve got a new laptop battery. I am still learning to manage between using the battery and not charging it all the time like I did with the first one. I also have a new cooling pad. I haven’t tried really test on my Sims 4 game. It’s cleaner and quieter. I now just need a new monitor light and a charge chord. I tried to clean my laptop fan, but the screws are so small and I don’t have a screwdriver that can get them. This week, Love Addict will be re-published on Wednesday. For now…

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God Save the Queen, the UK Screwed Up

Yes, the people voted to leave the EU yesterday. Yeah, Britain is screwed. The stock market took a nasty blow. Now, things are a mess for my other favorite country. Scotland and London wanted to stay. Now, Scotland might try to leave the UK again. It’s a crazy time now, my friends. However, it’s parliament that has the final say with the Brexit. Even that’s not good because they are in a mess too. It’s just really hectic and people in the UK are looking up what happens now.

Affirmative Action is here to stay. It looks Abby will have to stay mad and study like the rest of the human race. #StaymadAbby. #Beckywiththegoodgrades.

My new battery for Pinky came in today. Maybe still will stop my overheating problems. Love Addict will be re-published soon. Just hang in there. For now…

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Five Years Already?

March 11, 2011, an earthquake and tsunami hit Japan. Shortly after that, the country suffered from a nuclear melt down. It has been a long time, but the country is recovering nicely. I am happy that my favorite country can bounce back from tragedy. I am confident that they will have a strong future for years to come.

I haven’t checked on how Distorted Lullaby is doing. I will promote it again in another group this evening. Bride in Black is edited and waiting to be re-published. I wonder what I will edit next after that. I might finally be able to replace Pinky’s keyboard. (Pinky is my laptop.) I also got hooked onto a new show on HBO called Animals. I don’t know what to think about it, but I have to keep watching to try and figure it out. I’m also getting out my summer clothes this weekend. Yes, I am still job-hunting. -.- But, I will keep trying. For now…

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Pinky Needs New Parts

Pinky, my darling laptop that I’ve had since ’08 needs some new parts. She works beautifully still, but she’s starting to show her age a bit. I will need to replace the following:

  • Keyboard: The “d” gets stuck on a daily basis and types out “dddddddddddddddddddd” at random. (So annoying and it interferes with my work).
  • Battery: I abused it to the point that it goes to low battery when I unplug Pinky. (Dumb on my part, I know. :()
  • Charge chord: It’s starting to fall apart near the part near the laptop. It doesn’t start up properly because of it.
  • And technically not part of Pinky, but a new USB adapter would be nice. See problem above.

I just need to figure out price and where to get everything. Oh yeah, Pinky is a Dell laptop. I know the type, but I choose not to disclose.

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Bisexual Characters and a Short News Piece

This week, I had an interesting thought. I came to notice that majority of main characters are either straight or gay. We rarely see any bisexual characters. One reason my mother told me is that some gay men start out as bisexual. Do any of you have bisexual characters in your works and how many are the main character?

On another note, I will be publishing another short story under the Canojo Koi name titled, Six Days. I just have to make the edits, pick the cover, and get to it. (Kind of tied up on another season of another series that I’m writing on my web site at the moment. It was supposed to be up by yesterday, but I ran out of time.)

Let’s see, there’s something else too. Oh yes, I intend on publishing the first volume of my light novel series, Hapless Cupid, in possibly May or June. I just need to get it edited and pick out an anime-like cover. I’m also happy to say that the Facebook page for my web site, Tokyo-Zion Academy, hit 100 likes last night/this morning. I finally got Origin working right on my laptop after spending a couple of days in PC Hell trying to get it to update properly. I just need to try and find time to play Sims 4 again. I’ve been watching a couple of good movies this week on Netflix. American Beauty actually wasn’t that bad and Nightwatch makes me want to go read the book. (Also, Nightwatch is the first Russian movie I’ve ever seen.) Today, I’m going to watch The I Inside. (If it’s crap, please don’t tell me.)  I also came across Natural Born Killers and Unbreakable on Netflix in the past two days alone. I think Netflix is upping its game for me. Now if only they would put more anime and Japanese movies up…

I think that’s it for now.

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