Status Report: Camp is Winding Down

There are seven days left in camp. The Patient X story keeps getting longer, but I will try to wrap it up by tomorrow or Wednesday. Then, I will try to finish those last two stories in the collection to meet my 50,000 word count. Suburban Island will end in two days. I got scouted for a publishing collection. I think I have the story in mind that I want to publish. I will look over it when I finish Patient X.

Next month, I am working on a short story related to the Wasteland project. I will post it on Inkitt on May 19th. Plus, there are some other stories to finish. I am counting down to June so that I can work on season seven on of the Wasteland Project. Right now, I will see how much I get done from the rest of the week because I have jury duty.  (Fun, right?) I am confident about finishing Patient X and Suburban Island this week and on time. For now…

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