Top 200 Fav. Couples (Pt. 13)

80. Clint + Bunny (Bunny Miles)
Can true love save two people from their own demises? It seems to be that way for these two. She arrived at his doorstep as a battered and escaped slave. He was trapped in an arranged marriage to an unpleasant woman. He took Bunny in and taught her how to read and write, and helped her get a job. Over time, the two fell in love. But now, they have many battles to fight in order to stay together. But, love will find a way to survive…
79. Matt + Poppy (Dark Side of the Moon)
Again, we have a case corrupting the innocent here. He came along when her boyfriend, Ralph, was cheating on her with her best friend, Melanine. Matt picked Poppy up and helped her get over him. He even took the liberty of showing her new things in life. They didn’t exactly date yet, but she grew close to him after that. After a couple of years, they ended up dating. A nice fit for all there.
78. Nancy + Conrad (Weeds)
In the world of pot-dealing, he helped her out through everything. Now, I love interracial relationships. They are just so sweet. These two are no exception to the rule. He supports her throughout the whole business. When her weed got stolen, he got his boys to beat up the fake security and give her back her weed. He helped go independent with her business. They eventually get together later in the series. I’m happy to see.
77. Caitlin + Alicia (Cashmere Mafia)
They looked so cute together. They met and hooked up in the first episode. Caitlin couldn’t make up her mind on what team she played for. Alicia stayed by her the whole time. They seemed just like Susan and Mike. Caitlin the former and Alicia the latter. It all seemed great between them. Then, Alicia got pregnant. Her ex came back and broke them up. Alicia decided to leave Caitlin for Olivia. That broke my little heart in two. Even more so when the show got canceled after seven episodes.
76. Kaoru + Taeko (Ai Yori Aoshi)
This is only if Aoi wasn’t around. Taeko may be a big klutz. But, she’s really cute. Plus, she’s a real sweetheart. It could work out between them. She looks like a model without her glasses and her hair down. Kaoru’s such a gentleman too. It would be cute to see them together. If Aoi wasn’t around of course. However, Taeko would have to kill my girl first to have Kaoru. (Just kidding!) Better than to see him with Mayu or Tina, that’s for sure!
75. Rei + Usagi (Sailor Moon/Italian Amore)
Admit it, they look cute together. The fighting makes them even cuter. I actually want to see them kiss. Diamond has them together in the fic series, Italian Amore. Well, sort of… Usagi is dating Mamoru at the same time as well. So, it’s sort of a love triangle here people. But who will Usagi choose? Give Diamond a little while. She’s still just getting into the story here. So, just stick around for a while and watch. Trust me, it’ll be worth it! *Wink*
74. Sky + Noodle (Gorillaz)
I thought about giving everyone’s favorite animated guitarist a boyfriend. He’s like her, only a little older and Korean. He’s pretty cute too. I think I did a great job with them if I could say so myself. These two really balance each other out nicely. They are both excellent fighters. He comes from a family of bandits and she’s put of a government project. What more could anyone want?
73. Toshiko + Saji (Factory)
Here is another case of corrupting the innocent. She seems to have an interest into this poor whipped soul. She tries to pull him deeper into her world of drugs, sex, and rebellion. But like Emily, Toshiko is not looking for a relationship. She just wants Saji for a play toy when she’s bored. So don’t expect anything more than a good time and a rebellion in the making. That’s all it is people! My bad!
72. Satoshi + Angela (Queen Megan)
This is truly my first pairing I ever made in a my writing career. He’s a big dope and she’s a New Yorker princess. Again, the interracial pairing that I adore so much at work here. She inspires his dreams almost to perfection. Much better than seeing him with Kasumi to tell you the truth. What are some of these fans thinking? Anyway, just like Takeru + Aneko, I was obsessed with this pairing. I still like them, but I’m not as obessed anymore.


71. Lehann + Dan (Mile High)
Here is another interracial couple. Yay for interracial love!!! They got together after his adulterous girlfriend revealed that her baby was her husband’s. Dan and Lehann had some trouble for a short time, but they managed to work through it and have a sweet little relationship. That was until she was killed in a plane accident. Dan went to pieces and became an alcoholic after that. Alas yet again, death is cruel mistress.

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