Presenting… Dreamland (Volume Two)



Title: Dreamland (Volume Two)

Summary: Now that Chikira has begun her battle with her Yume-no-Muso, she’s going to need all of the family support she can get. However, the problem mostly lies with her father, Jakuchu.

He is mostly at work so that he can pay for his daughter’s treatments. As a result, his marriage with Sana feels like walking on a tight-rope with his long periods of work-educed absences. Because of his daughter being bullied on her first day at her new school, Jakuchu might have to change how he does things. But first, he is going to have to come home. Starting with Chikira’s birthday.



Only $.99! Buy it now! I personally can’t wait for April to be over. Volume three will be coming soon, but for now…

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Presenting… The Re-release of “Distorted Lullaby”

I have done it! I finally re-released Distorted Lullaby yesterday. So here is the promotion:


Summary: No one in the small town of Patterson would have foreseen the death of the violent town drunk, Trevor Grey, on Halloween night. When police arrive to investigate his murder, they find his wife, Maureen, sitting far away from Trevor’s body. Obviously, she is the prime suspect in her abusive husband’s murder. The only problem is, she doesn’t remember the events before the police found her. Rookie detective, Gina Torres, takes it upon herself to unlock Maureen’s memories and solve the case. Driven by family pride and tragedy, Gina turned to psychology as a way to help people. She feels that only she can help Maureen silence the “distorted lullaby” in her head and help her stand as a person again.

Now available at…

Google Play:…/Noizchild_Johnson_Distorted_Lulla…
24 Symbols:

This is one many books that I will re-format and release under the Noizchild name. The books under the Canojo Koi name. It will take me while. So sit tight and…

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Presenting… Ain’t no Rest for the Wicked

I’m sorry that I forgot to make a post yesterday, but this will make up for it. Enjoy!

Blurb: Ain’t Rest for the Wicked is composed of eight short stories revolving around four generations of the Braxton family living in New Orleans, Louisiana. From Calvin “Cal” Braxton’s relationship with his black girlfriend nicknamed Sweet Thing to the death of his great-grandson in 2052, follow the whole patched-up Braxton clan through life and drama through ninety-nine years of Southern chaos.


I finally got this book out after so many months!

I wonder what’s going to be betaed and published? You will have to see!

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A Late Valentine’s Day Present for Everyone

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day!

Indulge in New Orleans heat.

Underground porn writer Michael Spiegel dwells within New Orleans’ seediest corners, wallowing in vice. He doesn’t sleep and he consumes alcohol like mother’s milk. He feels that he is falling deeper into the cesspool of human vice.


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