Happy 4th Everyone and Presenting… Love Addict!

Happy Independence Day! How was your Fourth? Mine was okay. I ate food, but I didn’t really get to see fireworks. Oh well, maybe next year. Still, I got work done. Oh and saw the first new episode of D.Gray-Man Hallow. I love it! The animation and the voice actors are different. Someone complained about them, but I told them that artists often change style because they need to grow in their craft and they probably couldn’t get the same cast to do the voice roles. I thought the voices fit the characters. Overall, I can’t wait to see the next episode next week. Now, I have more thing to do.

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Time for some book pimping.

Title: Love Addict

Description: A thirty-something sex addict is on the prowl tonight, but what she finds is a stranger that rips open the old wounds and sends her into mental anguish as she tries to survive the night with him.

Link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00V2UT2C4

I also cleaned out the vent of my laptop. I had no idea that I let dust build up that badly for close to seven years now. It was so gross too. Eww! Now, Pinky can breathe much better and not overheat on me when I play Sims 4. Yay!
I only have five more books left to re-format and re-publish. Soon, I will go back to publishing new books. The next book up is Weekender. Expect to see that some time this month or the next. For now…
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