Controversial Album Covers IX (Pt. 21)

Year: 2002

Impaled: Choice Cuts


The Problem: When it comes to goregrind, there’s not much that can be considered shocking given the grotesquery found within the lyrics. While overtly violent, the genre has always maintained an aura of fun with tongues firmly in cheek. However, that doesn’t make album art like Impaled’s Choice Cuts compilation easier to look at, as it features a newborn baby lying in a pool of blood and guts with a hacksaw placed to its throat by the doctor.

My Take: Well, that’s one way to control the population. The gore doesn’t really surprise me at this point. (Just go back and look through this project through all of the gory album covers.) At this point, I am so numb to the shock.

Lore Gore: The Autophagous Orgy


The Problem: Lord Gore tapped Japanese hentai artist Waita Uziga for their debut record, The Autophagous Orgy. Uziga needed no inspiration considering the word “autophagous” means “self-devouring.” The album cover is a particularly brutal take on hentai (anime porn) with caricatures of women drenched in blood in a sexual feast of human flesh. Lord Gore certainly live up to their band name with this album cover.

My Take: Ero Guro rules this cover. This would make Dir en Grey proud. A little note here: “hentai” means perverted. Americans are the ones who decided call Japanese animated porn as such. I believe it’s egore. I have to look it up later. I tried to look up Uziga-san, but couldn’t find much about him. He does have a manga called, Mai-chan’s Daily Life. It’s just like this album cover. So, yeah… (Plus, there was a live-action movie too. Oh buddy…)

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