I am a Bit Stuck

I have a bit of a problem. No, I already fixed the Photobucket one. I’m talking about the one for the main site.

I started out at Webs, but then it started to have problems. So, I moved to Neocities. That was great for a while, but it started to conflict with Photobucket in Chrome and Firefox. So, I went back to Webs. That was going fine until my files stopped loading and I couldn’t get the upload function to work. And they haven’t done anything to fix it. I can’t even reach them and they aren’t responding to my various complaints. I’m thinking that it’s time to move back to Neocities or find another server if the problems aren’t sorted. Anyone know of web servers that are free and will let me upload files? I’m open for suggestions. For now…

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I am a Little Stuck

I feel like I am stuck to a slight rut. I think that I need something new to write about, but I need to break my laziness first. I have resumed another anime that I have stalled on called Gacthaman. It’s pretty entertaining. It has its moments that say, “Pick on me!” but it’s better than Megaman at least. (That show made me want to face palm, but I survived it.) I am thinking about starting Detroit Metal City this week. I have heard nothing but good things about it. I am kind of stalling with Durarara x2 Ketsu because I don’t want it to end. Maybe I will watch Durarara from the beginning in August when I start working on Deep Blue Wonderland as part of my Wasteland 2011 project.

I also want to improve on my erotica writing by reading some good smut. (Fifty Shades of Garbage does not count!)  So if anyone knows of some good erotica, fiction or non-fiction, hit me up in the comment section. Right now…

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I Need Your Help

I need help with a project I’m working on this month. I call it LGBT Scream. Every year, I collect thirty LGBT-related media and link it up to a table that resembles what September would look like on a calendar. Each theme is symbolized by a color.

Red: Yuri
Orange: Yaoi
Yellow: Bisexual
Green: Bisexual
Blue: Shounen-ai
Indigo: Transgender
Violet: Shoujo-ai
I’m looking for content to link up to. You can submit, a chapter, short story, poem, essay, lyrics, videos, etc to the project in the form of a link as long as they are LGBT-related. Please submit work @ noizchild@yahoo.com.
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Good Help is Hard to Find Sometimes

I ask for beta readers/editors to help me clean up my work to make it presentable for the masses to read. Lately, I have been hearing nothing. So far, I’m waiting for feedback on the last ten chapters of a fanfic, another whole fanfic, and two stories that I intend of publishing. At least, I have heard back from the complete fanfic one. I got a sample of editing the prologue and an essay on writing a sex scene. I will start work on that Friday. Everything else, I will keep trying to contact them until I get results. <sigh> Why is good help so hard to find sometimes?

Meanwhile, I’m still struggling with trying to find a good music site that lets me make up for the dead Grooveback.com. There are two versions of Grooveback now– Grooveshark.li and Grooveshark.im. Neither aren’t that great. (Li doesn’t have an embed function and Im basically just takes songs from Soundcloud and uses it as their own. Bleh.) As of right now, I am settling of Spotify and soundcloud for individual songs and thinking about trying MySpace for playlists on a certain fic. Not exactly how I wanted this, but it’s going to have to do until I get something better. Darn you, record labels and your fingers greedy little paws!

Even so, I must soldier on.

–Canojo Koi

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