City Lounge: London (Book Two, Chapter Six: Neighbourhood Party)

Chapter Six: Neighbourhood Party:

“Why are you whispering?” Sophie asked. I dropped my arm by my side.

“I’m not alone right now,” I said.

“So?” she asked. “Do you have a girlfriend over?”

I frowned. “No. It’s just Jazz.”

“So why are you whispering? You’re not dating her or me. Are you ashamed of us or something?” The way she said it started to make sense.

“Oh,” I said in a normal voice. I turned to see Jazz staring at my ceiling with a disapproving look on her face. Okay, I get it. My ceiling looks a mess. Can you move onto something, woman? More


City Lounge: Paris (Book One, Chapter Seven: Paris in the Rain)

Chapter Seven: Paris in the Rain:

Back in present day, I awoke to a warm body pressed against my back. Startled, I whipped my head behind me. A head of deep indigo braids was pressed against my back. The soft scent of flowers tickled my nose. My heart began to race the more I stared at deep dark indigo leaned up against me.

“Mmm,” the head’s owner murmured. A cheek brushed against my back as the rest of the body settled back in place for sleep. It didn’t help with the slender fingers against my chest. Despite little traces of memory flashing in my head, but nothing was connecting. Who’s sleeping in my bed with me? What happened last night? Did we even…? More

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