Merging Ideas

I am thinking about merging my Blogger with this one soon. This blog gets more of a reaction than Blogger does. Someone sent me a page on how to merge the two blogs. It would be much easy to just do two blogs a week. (This blog for my professional/official work and my tumblr for my fandom works.) Plus, this blog is set to post to my Facebook page, Twitter, and Tumblr.

I am also thinking about deleting my Livejournal and Dreamwidth. I am getting nothing on them. I guess I missed the wave when they were popular. Like I said, Tumblr could be used for my fandom work. Along with that, my web site needs some cleaning up. I am thinking about splitting up my fandom and original works into two separate sections. What do you think, should I do it?

Now, I have a job again. Let’s hope that I keep this one. For now…

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I Love Sims II

I love the Sims games. I have played them since the first one. This past update with the gender neutrality gave me some ideas. Here is what happened….

*Clears her throat*

Breaking News: Mortimer Goth is now Shelia and has divorced Bella and moved out of the house. Now, he lives with a new man.

What’s going to happen next? I think I will have Alexander gay. Bella’s going to be a cougar. (As suggested by someone in a Sim Group that I’m on in Facebook.) Oooo, even have her steal some of her son’s boyfriends. Oh! This is going to be fun. For now…

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Anime Review

From My Facebook Page:

Just finished “Princess Arete”. At first glance, it looks like a production that Studio Ghibli would come up with. Nope, Studio 4°C made this gem. An aging wizard tricks the father of the title character into gives him her hand in marriage. After he takes her back to his castle, he imprisons her in the basement on the belief of a prophecy that she would steal his immortal life. According to Wiki, “. The film is a non-traditional approach to the standard tales of fairy tale princesses, and it is known in Japan as one of the most successful animated feminist works”. It’s a really cute movie. All ages would love this. Overall, I give “Princess Arete” a “Download it”. (9/10.)

A Little Public Service Announcement

Yesterday, I have to ban somebody from my author page. This guy was clearly a homophobe. He claimed that gay marriage will never be a marriage. I started to list all of the bible marriages (man and rape victim, prisoner of war, etc.), but I was like screw it and banned him instead.

So, I will say this: If you come on my page with racist, sexist, homophobic shit, I will ban you. No arguments, just straight up ban you. My page is gay-friendly and is open for equality. I will not tolerate bigots! That is all.

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Rant Corner #3

It’s been a long time since I did this and I have sitting on this all weekend. Now it has to come out. So, here goes: On Facebook, I am an admin for an Author’s group. Before I signed up for the job, there was no structure. I mean, spammers were posting porn that didn’t involve writing and people were posting like crazy. I decided to stand up and take control. When I became admin, I put in place a schedule for posting different things on different days in the group and set up a queue. Ever since March, I have been doing a good job.

On Friday, a member asked if I deleted their post in the queue. I asked him what he posted and reminded him it was Book Link Friday. He had posted a couple of book cover pictures that he wanted an opinion on. He tried to point out a loop hole and I pointed out the schedule to him. (Posting book covers are Mondays, BTW.) He replies with this:

“Well this Friday! ..or leave a group Friday! It’s all the rage and you don’t have to wait for approval! Have a nice day!”

I explained about the spammers and the schedule itself in the group description. He goes on to say that he wants a reply ASAP and that he didn’t belong in the group. He even went as far as to tattle on me to the original admin. I managed to get it sorted out with him. Okay, don’t cope an attitude just because you didn’t follow the schedule! He’s getting mad at me for enforcing my own rules? The schedule is even in the pictures that a member made for me and the group description! If I bent the rules for one member, I would have to do it for the rest and the structure I came up with would be render mote. Just follow the rules that an admin lays down and don’t be childish about it!

<Exhale> I’m done now.

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Writing Challenge Idea

I have come up with a good idea for a Livejournal-style writing challenge. It will be entitled, “31 Taboos.” So far, it is still in its planning stages. I don’t know what else I should do with that challenge. I already asked three groups on Facebook for ideas. I want to launch it next month. You can do any type of taboo– hard or soft. Please stand by for more details.

That’s it’s for now.

–Canojo Koi

Bisexual Characters and a Short News Piece

This week, I had an interesting thought. I came to notice that majority of main characters are either straight or gay. We rarely see any bisexual characters. One reason my mother told me is that some gay men start out as bisexual. Do any of you have bisexual characters in your works and how many are the main character?

On another note, I will be publishing another short story under the Canojo Koi name titled, Six Days. I just have to make the edits, pick the cover, and get to it. (Kind of tied up on another season of another series that I’m writing on my web site at the moment. It was supposed to be up by yesterday, but I ran out of time.)

Let’s see, there’s something else too. Oh yes, I intend on publishing the first volume of my light novel series, Hapless Cupid, in possibly May or June. I just need to get it edited and pick out an anime-like cover. I’m also happy to say that the Facebook page for my web site, Tokyo-Zion Academy, hit 100 likes last night/this morning. I finally got Origin working right on my laptop after spending a couple of days in PC Hell trying to get it to update properly. I just need to try and find time to play Sims 4 again. I’ve been watching a couple of good movies this week on Netflix. American Beauty actually wasn’t that bad and Nightwatch makes me want to go read the book. (Also, Nightwatch is the first Russian movie I’ve ever seen.) Today, I’m going to watch The I Inside. (If it’s crap, please don’t tell me.)  I also came across Natural Born Killers and Unbreakable on Netflix in the past two days alone. I think Netflix is upping its game for me. Now if only they would put more anime and Japanese movies up…

I think that’s it for now.

Great News!

My book, Distorted Lullaby, made its first sale last Sunday! Finally! I just need to keep it coming. Lately, I have been asking for reviews for my books. Maybe that will help me out. I will have to see. I am trying to contact with the people on Facebook page to help build a fanbase. Speaking of which, it’s time to make my monthly newsletter for March. (My birthday’s also coming up.)

Right now, things are slowly building up for me. I guess I just need to keep at it and try to finish some books for editing and publishing. Sins of Women will be coming in April under the name of Canojo Koi and I am planning to edit a collection of short stories titled Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked. This Faulkner-inspired book will focus on close to a century around the Carter family in Louisiana. I just need to put the stories together into one file and have it edited.

Till then,

Noizchild Johnson

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