The Snow and Writing

This Saturday brought me snow. Along with the snow, I had the need to write some erotica. So, I went for it. I enjoyed how the first chapter turned out too. The story is called Erotic Lounge and it’s about a woman who runs away from the mob who are after her boyfriend because he owes them money. After she escapes from her apartment, Ronda, wanders the streets until she ends up at a brothel. The madam lets her stay and hide under one condition: she has to get into a wooden trunk and watch the prostitutes have sex with their johns.

Chapter one has been written on Google docs. I can’t wait to get started on chapter two. I’m thinking about doing it on Sunday. As for what I’m going to with this piece after I finish it, I have no clue. I might post it here on this blog. We will have to see. I definitely will have someone read over the first chapter again. A friend of my gave me a gave a couple of suggestions to improve the gangster’s speak. The first chapter was more of set up. The next chapter will get steamier. Stick around for more new goodies to come out this and more City Lounge to be posted in this blog. For now…

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