The Search is Still Going

I decided to take my search in a different way. I already know that developmental editing will not be cheap. I decided to try and see what the reasonable price would be for a developmental editor. I asked around at all of the writing communities that I am part of. I have seen some good tips. Some are saying that publishing houses have editors in them. They commented that Steel Prison isn’t long enough to be a novel. (Hence why I am going to a developmental editor in the first place.) They all agree that it’s really expensive. A couple of them offer some sites to check out for future reference. I bookmarked them and I will go back read them.

I need to go back to looking for an agent again. I’m trying hard to curve my laziness. It’s working, but it needs to go faster. I will keep working at it. What do you think? Do you have any ideas for a reasonable price for a developmental editor? Leaves your comments in the comment section of this post. While you’re at it…

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Happy 2018 Everyone!

Welcome to 2018, my darlings! May this year be better than the last one.

Good news, chapter three of Steel Prison has been edited! I am hoping for snow this week. I was told that I was going to get some this week. My first day into the new year’s been pretty good. Got some writing done. Work’s been picking and I did some jobs on the first day. I will do more jobs tomorrow. I will get paid next week too.

What shall we be looking forward to? Well, I will try to get in editing of chapter four of Steel Prison. I still intend on getting that published some time this year. Not just for the ebook either, I intend to do hardcover and maybe send it to a publisher. I will still be fixing  my site to get rid of the Photobucket pictures. Some things will be finished. I am going to start new project to tide me over for waiting to start the next season of my Wasteland Project. (The waiting is going to suck like always.) I will work on a one-shot Durarara omake to go with the Wonderland series. I might do another one shot pilot for the Wasteland Project. For now on that one, I just have bits and pieces. I will try to get a full-time job while I’m at it.

That is so much to promise in one day, but it is doable for me. Also, these aren’t New Year’s Resolutions. I never make those. But, I am determined to make this year better than last year. Wish me luck. While you’re at it…

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Stuck in Limbo

I’m stuck in publishing/editing limbo. I am waiting for the edits to come back from the stories I want to publish. I think I’m going to have to try and check back on some people again. I am itching to publish something again. My grandmother is asking me if I had been publishing anything lately. The last book I published was Six Days. -Sighs- I really need to get up and really get back to work. First, I am going to track down my editor for The Perfect Doll and see what is up. Wish me luck. I also have been falling behind on practicing with my left hand as well. I don’t know what is up with me and the dry spell.

On the up side, I have my laptop back in order. Yay!

–Canojo Koi

Planning and Digging

Now that Bacchus’ Mistress is published, I am ready to move onto the next project.  I call this book, Sins of Women, It’s a tarot-themed book. Right now, I have someone beta reading the story.

Yet, I have run into a slight problem: I am running out of things to edit for publishing. In other words, I have so many works that aren’t finished. I keep bouncing back and forth between works.

Plus, I need to try and sell my books. So, I have decided to try and seek reviews for my books. So far, I have one that will look at my books as I send them the information.

So much work to do.

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