Vacation and Wrapping Up in June

Later on this month, I will going on vacation for a week. Saturday and Sunday will not let me have internet access then. So, I am going to try something while I’m vacation. I will write the last two chapter of City Lounge: Paris volume three in a Word document and see if I can set the post on WordPress to post in the future. I will need to get the songs I need for them first. Plus, I will try to get one day online to make my post. Luckily, I won’t have that much to post that week. Just a couple of chapters and a preview. I might get to do some editing on Steel Prison while I’m there too. Plus, some other shorts I want to publish too.

Speaking of which here is a list of things that I am going to wrap up this month:

  • Gentleman’s Club (Volume Twenty-Four)
  • Two volumes of Dreamland
  • Reposting last season’s Tengoku.Chikyu.Jigoku
  • A couple of other previews
  • Volume Three of City Lounge: Paris
  • Season eight of Earth Child

Plus, I get to start season seven of my Wasteland Project on the last Monday of this month. I can’t wait. Until then…

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Presenting… Dreamland (Volume Two)



Title: Dreamland (Volume Two)

Summary: Now that Chikira has begun her battle with her Yume-no-Muso, she’s going to need all of the family support she can get. However, the problem mostly lies with her father, Jakuchu.

He is mostly at work so that he can pay for his daughter’s treatments. As a result, his marriage with Sana feels like walking on a tight-rope with his long periods of work-educed absences. Because of his daughter being bullied on her first day at her new school, Jakuchu might have to change how he does things. But first, he is going to have to come home. Starting with Chikira’s birthday.



Only $.99! Buy it now! I personally can’t wait for April to be over. Volume three will be coming soon, but for now…

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So Close to Thirty, but So Far Away

Yes, that is right. I am one more year closer to the big 3-0. It doesn’t feel like it yet though. Still, I can’t wait to see how Friday will go for me. I can’t wait, to be honest with you.

I have no big projects planned for next month. I’m just going to keep writing as usual. I do plan to finish a story or two next month. My Netflix queue is shrinking again. I’m not down to six items. I have made some really good progress in that department this month.

It’s kind of hard to write something here when I’m not posting the City Lounge Project. (I’m resuming the New York section this Thursday.) Speaking of which, book one of the project will be finished by April. Then, it will cycle back to Paris for book two. Hm… Maybe I should post showcases of my fanfics to fill the non-posting in between. If I do that, I will have to tact on another day in the week for posting. For now, I will focus on adding more to New York in the project. Stick around for volume two of Dreamland in April. Until then…

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A Brief Announcement

I would like to take this time to make a brief announcement to you beautiful people:

I am looking to publish volume two of Dreamland somewhere between March and April. It might be before or after I go on vacation. I will have to see how my schedule looks before I send it off to the beta reader. Meanwhile, I am still moving my site. I have taken to fixing some of the music on some of the sections. I’m shocked that sixteen years could total up to so many pages. Tomorrow, I will be posting some things as gifts as Valentine’s Day.

Meanwhile in my little life, I have been burning through my Netflix queue. I’m down to about nine to ten items left on the list. I kind of wish the American Netflix had more anime and Japanese movies and TV shows. They used have A LOT of Japanese movies, but most of them disappeared. <sigh> It’s a shame, really. Maybe when they faze out their DVD section maybe we’ll see a bigger selection in the American Netflix.

Also, my car is currently being served. (Yippy, not!) I’m waiting for Toyota call back and that it’s ready. It’s not like I really need it right away, though. (I work from home as freelance writer.) Still, I would like to have my car. I need to put gas in it too.

Anyway, be on the look for volume two of Dreamland. Until then…

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Presenting… Dreamland (Volume One)



Happy Halloween, everyone! Here is a little treat to enjoy.

Title: Dreamland (Volume One)

Summary: On the surface, Chikira Tokaji looks like every other teenage girl. But what sets her apart from her peers is her mental illness. Chikira has yume-no-muso and because of this, she is forever dropping off into a dream-like daze for long periods of time without warning. Chikira’s disease marks her as the target of bullies. On her first day at a new school, she is harassed and shove into the classroom closet. After an episode of her yume-no-muso, Chikira’s teacher notices her condition and has her stay after class to talk. And here begins the long road to recovery and Chikira becoming her person to stand up for herself and her family.


Only $.99! Buy it now! Have a happy Halloween and…

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It’s Coming!

It’s almost here!

I have edited and formatted volume one of Dreamland. I even made the cover for it. I am thinking about trying a new strategy. I think I will make the first volume free after I get more books out. I plan to this will the first two books. Speaking of which, volume one will be out  on the twenty-ninth. I don’t know what I going to publish next. (It actually feels good to be publishing something again.)

I don’t really have much to say tonight. I’m just announcing my book. My job is going great and I just got paid this evening. Things have been a bit slow, though. I hope things will pick up this week and this month. Anyway, stick around for Dreamland‘s debut. For now…

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Got the Feedback Back, Just Need to Get Started On the Editing

I got the feedback for volume one of Dreamland back this morning. I just need find the time to make the edits. Then, I need to learn how to convert a Word document into a html page for Sigil for formatting. I think I have the cover picture saved on a flash drive. I would have to look through it once I get the “hard” work out of the way. I’m thinking that volume one will up and available for purchase in October. Yes, October sounds perfect.

Also coming back next morning, City Lounge! That’s right, I will be resuming the book in this blog and finishing out the first Paris section of it. However, I won’t be finished with the novel. Wonder what Will and Simone get up to when the next month comes up… Let’s just say there are some little secrets and mysteries surrounding Ms. Simone as the Paris book unfolds…

Work is going great for me. I keep challenging myself each month. This October, I have a huge goal in mind. Let’s see how I manage to pull it off.

Sit tight and wait for Dreamland and City Lounge in about a week or so. Until then…

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Planning Ahead

Good news, everyone!

I am going to publish a new light novel series, Dreamland, soon. I already sent it off to a beta reader to read it. I really do love writing this. I have an idea on how the journey will end, but I don’t know how I am going to get there. For now, you will get the treat of reading volume one of Dreamland really soon.

Things have been going great for me. I am really loving my job. Waiting for the pay is a little annoying at times, but it’s all great. I can’t wait to write more with my job. I started watching Princess Jelly yesterday. So far, I have only seen two episodes of it. My Teenage Romance Comedy Snafu was good. I might go back and watch season two once I clear through my list of anime. (It just keeps on growing! Ahhhh! Help me!)

After I publish volume one of Dreamland, I don’t know what I am going to publish next. I will have to look through my files and see what should go up. For now…

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Top 200 Fav. Couples (Pt. 10)

110. Simon + Nia (Gurren Lagann)

Everyone loves a classic little love story. He found her stored away in a trunk while he was trying to escape the Beastmen during his breakdown when Kamina died. She became the new inspiration in his life to keep fighting and surviving. Seven years later, he purposed to his naive little angel. She said no at first because she just missed the boat as usual. But after Kiyel and Kiyoh help her understand, Nia changes her mind. But then, the anti-spirals intervene and turn her evil. He fought hard and got her back. But sadly during their wedding, she faded away. I have a much happier story for them both. However, Nia is for loving and Emily is for fun…

109. Martin + Sonia (Earth Child)

They seem to be one of the most mature couples in the series. Some can say that their relationship is a late blooming one. They didn’t seem highly likely at first. In fact, she was dating Jamie in the early 90’s. But, they broke up and she let Mel have her ex. Sonia and Martin started out as friends and then fell in love slowly years later. They married in a small ceremony and she became the mother of his two sons. I like their relationship because it is a sweet and realistic one.

108. Sana + Jakuchu (Dreamland)

Dreamland’s main subplot focus on the relationship of these two. Their daughter’s condition makes things diffcult for them. He’s always on a business trip working. She is works at home to keep an eye on Chikira. Most of the time, Sana beats her husband down verbally to come home for his daughter. Later on, things became rough between them, but Chikira refused to let them give up. Their daughter became the glue in their relationship.

107. Yulia + Shone (Way of the Ya)

Just call them K1 + Bell’s personal guardian love angels. Yulia and Shone balance each other out handsomely. She is a loose loud-mouthed rebellious cannon and he is a rich little mommy’s boy. They met years ago at a summer camp. They became friends and developed crushes on each other. Over the years, the crushes became love. When she was near death, she ran to his house. He’s let her stay ever since. Aside from his mother, Mara, and Sayaki trying to tear them apart, these two are stable enough to fight back against anything and anyone that tries to go against them.

106. Ed + Poppy (Mile High)

Marco dumped her for Janis and left the show. Ed just happened to come along at the right time and sweep her off of her feet. They did have some ups and downs. She was insure about him. But, he proved to be a good man after all. He gave up his dream of being police officer for her when she got in trouble with the airline with drugs. In the end, they patched up their problems, left Fresh Airlines, and had a son together.

105. Ichigo + Orihime (Bleach)

I joking call Orihimie Ichigo’s wife sometimes. She might as well be for all I manage to care about the series when it is not dragging. She really does care about him. In fact, she’s in love with the boy. She confessed her feelings to Rangiku. Orihime is something else to the anime. The girl may be weird at times. But, her heart is in the right place. It would be nice for them to share a kiss or two for once in the series. Maybe we’ll see that later. We’ll just have to wait and see.

104. Haruhi + Mori (Ouran High School Host Club)

This is if Tamaki wasn’t around. Unlike Tamaki, Kaoru, and Hikaru, Mori seems mature towards Ms. Haruhi. He doesn’t talk too much to the point of being annoying like Tamaki does. It could work out. He does seem to care for her. She can tolerate him and not get annoyed by him. It wouldn’t hurt to see them kiss at least once. But then again, Tamaki would flip. Oh well, it’s worth the risk! Go for it!!!!

103. Mark + Aki (Deep Space)

They faked their relationship to scored a dorm. They got one that they could have. Ever since then, it’s been one humorous thing after another. Their friends drive them crazy. Her family is insane. And Janis doesn’t help either. But, it’s all good. Right now, they’re just friends. But who knows? They could be more one day. Who can say? We’ll just have to wait and see.

102. Twist + Brian (Spaced)

This was a crazy show. He was an emo artist. She is a trendy pop-culture freak. Together, they were mental and cute. They seemed to have it so good together for a short while. Then, Marsha and his art came and ruined everything. They broke up and Twist went to Manchester. But is she really happy there? Brian posted his painting of her for all of England to see. Oh well, maybe they’ll get back together one day. Maybe…

101. Mark + Sophie (Peep Show)

He chased her for two series. They didn’t seem to be going anywhere at first. Many hiccups got in the way. In fact, she dated his rival, Jeff. But then, Jeff cheated with Sophie with a random girl in a pub. So she dumped him and got with Mark. Now, I don’t really know how their relationship works out because BBCA has yet to show the rest of the series in the states. Grrr… Darn you, BBC America! Darn you for holding out on us!!! Grrr….

Top 200 Fav. Couples (Pt. 8)

130. Yamato + Jenny (Queen Megan)

This came in response to all of the Yamato + Mimi pairings I kept seeing. (What the hell were those people thinking?! Yuck!) Anyway, I just decided to stick good old Yamato with a cool rebellious OC girl. Stick them with some twins and a baby and I was set. Even more so when the writers stuck Yamato with Sora. What the hell were they thinking there?! That’s even worse than Yamato + Mimi! Ew!

129. Tom + Diana (Waiting for God)

Let’s face it, bad little old people rock! These two are living proof of that fact. She wrecks havoc upon Bayview and he happily helps her out. They started out as friends. Then, they slept together. Soon, they fell in love. He almost even married her. But, Tom changed his mind for her sake. Either way, these two rock in everything they do. Nough said!

128. Adam + Sakura (Sweetheart)

Ana’s really toying with the idea at the moment. They did seem pretty in a dorky sense. She does seem jealous of his current girlfriend, Carmen, but Sakura denies everything and says that she and Adam are just friends. However, one has to wonder as the story goes on. I can’t give much away, because Ana’s not done yet. So, we’ll have to see.

127. Chikira + Kokan (Dreamland)

They might not be a full-on couple. Miho doesn’t fully know yet. But, he is all the way on team Tokaji. He does have a crush on her. Chikira is slowly learning to trust him. They would look pretty cute together. But, Chikira is fighting a battle with her Yumo-no-Muso. And then what after that? We’ll just have to stick around and find out. Meanwhile, let your imaginations her all the fun for the time being.

126. Kat + Alfie (Euphoria)

I based these two off of Kat and Alfie from Eastenders. Kat Inoue was a wild tart who didn’t seem to care much about being a mother to her son. Then in year four after she divorced her jailed husband, Alfie came along to con some people in Tokyo. Ando caught on and blackmailed Alfie into dating Kat. Must have paid off though. The two ended married with a little baby girl in tow. Alfie must have done something right there.

125. Katherine + Duncan (Sweetheart)

Again, I heart cougars!!! All hail the all-mighty cougar. My appreciation for them shows in this couple. She is a forty-something boss of the magazine company, Beach Radio, divorced from her abusive husband with two grown daughters in college. He is her employee who is old enough to be her son. In order to distract her his best friend’s growing relationship with Pete, Duncan had to seduce Katherine. A beautiful relationship formed from there. Others may hate, but who cares about them?

124. Yusuke + Cat (Hip-Hop Geisha)

They started out as a suggestion to Amethyst by my intern, Bemmer. Ever since then, Amethyst has been toying with the idea. Cat feels out of place because of her mixed background. Yusuke just feels misunderstood. So together… You do the math people! Amethyst currently is taking a break from the series. But when she gets back, something hot should hot if we all wait. *Wink*

123. Parker + Hardison (Leverage)

I love interracial couples along with cougars. Both rock! Parker and Hardison look like they have some rich potential between them. Oh how writers like me just love to play on the sexual tension in stories. These two show it on and off throughout the whole show. I just keep hoping that one of them will make the first move. Then again, Parker + Elliot would be nice too… Pretty nice love pairings to go with.

122. Leo + Kana (Leo and Kana)

A simple love story here. She falls in love with this troubled boy and watches over him closely. This goes on for months. One day, he is shot and killed. So, she lies on top of his dead body as a way to spend the last moments of his life with him before his soul pasts to the other side. However, she falls asleep on his body. Next thing she knows, she wakes up sharing his body. Plus, she doesn’t know how to get in or out. So now, they have to find a way to separate again. (And maybe find love together along the way…)

121. Miho + Andi (TZA Staff)

This is TZA’s cutest lesbian couple. Their relationship is an interesting to examine and dig into. Miho seemed more wild in the beginning. She cheated on Andi with men and women. Andi couldn’t take it and nearly committed suicide because of this. But after Polly sorted Miho out, the girls gradually became stable. Now if only we could get Takeo out of the picture and we would be good there.

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