Rant Corner (Two for One)

Rant #1:

There is this video going around on Facebook. It shows one dog lying dead on the side of the road another one tries to wake him up. (I refuse to post it and become what’s wrong with society.) Those who have seen had either one of two reactions:

1.) Sadness and pity for the dogs.

2.) Pissed off at the asshole filming them.

I am the latter. Why are they just standing there, filming the dogs? Hey asshole, PUT THE CAMERA DOWN AND GO HELP THE DOGS! At least give the dead one a proper burial! I mean, why does this footage EVEN exist in the first place? It would be one thing if the guy filming went over and helped the dogs, but no! They just stand there and keep filming. What makes it worse is that someone decided to put music to the clip! I don’t get what’s wrong with people!

Rant #2

You know over Thanksgiving with Obama pardoning the turkey and the idiot GOP aide woman talking junk about the first daughters, right? Here a little bit of the story: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/12/02/us/gop-aide-quits-after-ridiculing-obamas-daughters.html?_r=0. I just have one thing to say: LEAVE THE CHILDREN ALONE!

It’s bad enough that we have stupid people dissing our president and the first lady, leave the kids out of this! I am so happy she resigned.

*Breathes out*

That’s all for now.


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