R.I.P. Pinky

Christmas 2008- February 15th, 2017

That’s right. Pinky has died. My first laptop has decided to stop working. What exactly happened? Was it the hard drive? A virus? Nope. The cmos battery holder came off. I kind of messed with it a year before just to get o the CMOS battery out to change it. I tried to super glue the holder back on and change the CMOS battery, but when I booted it back up the laptop, it said “Time of Clock has stopped”. Yep, it’s dead. I took out the hard drive to get the data off, but I don’t have the chords to connect to the new laptop. Speaking of which, I am using my new laptop (Which I have named Celty) and it is sweet! It has more space and the downloads on iTunes are much faster. Plus, the battery lasts longer than Pinky’s second battery.

It’s funny, Pinky lasted through the whole Obama administration. Oh well. I guess I figure out to fix Pinky one day and the other external hard drive. But for now…

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