Top 200 Fav. Couples (Pt. 12)

90. Lee + Kate (Not Going Out)

They looked pretty cute. He kept making jokes and she’s an American vegetarian. He fell in love with her. Just one problem, she’s Tim’s ex. Tim is Lee’s best friend. (Pretty awkward, huh?) So, Lee didn’t know if he should go for it at first or not. I think he should have. Tim did cheat on her with a younger girl. (He claims she was twenty-three.) But sadly, she left the show. Drat! Oh well, there’s still Lucy to try and score! *Wink*

89. Aneko + Takeru (Queen Megan)

This is my very first pairing! (Actually second, but that’s not the point.) They are just one huge love story of trials and rising above. She’s a princess and he is a warrior for the Digiworld. Back in the day, I was obsessed with this pairing. (Bemmer made fun of me because it.) I still love them, but I’m not as obsessed anymore. Hey, they’re WAY better than Takeru + Hikari. What the hell came up with that anyway? That’s so cliched and boring! That pairing fueled my love for him with my OC character, Aneko even more! Eat that Takari fans! Ha-ha-ha!

88. Lonna + Kenisuke (Dark Side of the Moon)

I have always loved corruping the innocent in stories. I don’t know why; I just do. It seems so fun that way. Here we have a vampire corrupting a good little shy girl in both ways. Good by dragging her our and of box and living out her dreams. Bad by… well… everything else. He scares her sometimes. But, he manages to charm her all the way back to him. Overtime, she falls in love with him and grows bolder. Maybe that’s why I love corrupting the innocent.

87. Wolfwood + Millie (Trigun)

They look so sweet together. She may be a ditz, but she’s got a good heart. He’s a questionable yet charming priest with some dark ties to him. (Can’t really say just yet. 😉 ) He really does care about her and she to him as well. I can see them getting married and having kids. Too bad they killed him off though. That was crap. He was so good-looking too

86. Haruhi + Tamaki (Ouran High School Host Club)

This actually does work in some weird way. Even more so if he would just shut up from time to time. I actually like him, but I just want to slap him at least once. But, he really does care about her. However, he has confused his feelings for love in a parental sense. (Doesn’t make sense, but that’s how they wrote it. So, just roll with it!) She cares about him too, but it’s obvious she wishes he would shut up once in a while just like the rest of us.

85. Toboe + Mika (Broken)

Once again, I have a pairing with one of my favorite themes: corrupting the innocent. She is a wild and oversexed she-wolf. He’s an innocent little puppy. She felt for him because of his innocence and wanted to take it away from her. The two started a relationship together. Many times he tried to break it off, but something always got in the way. Soon, she fell out of lust and into love with him. And here the drama begins…

84. Tsuzuki + Hisoka (Descendants of Darkness/Ghost Doll)

They do like cute together. I haven’t seen the whole series yet. But, I’m going to this month. From what I can gather, it is opposites attract in this case. Typical in a shounen-ai fantasy. But, I’m not to big on pairing yaoi couples up all of the time. I appreciate yaoi, but I like to explore other possibilities first. But fear not, I have hints of Tsuzuki + Hisoka together in the fic. So, everyone wins.

83. Vash + Meryl (Trigun)

Another good pair from Trigun. She seems annoyed by him. But, she obviously cares about him. They too seem so sweet. A little crazy, but sweet. He might have feelings for her too. Hard to say with what’s going on in that mixed up head of his. They did share a tender moment together before he went off to fight his brother, Knives. Unlike Wolfwood, Vash did return to Meryl. So that’s good. I see some promise for a beautiful future there. I want to see them kiss at least.

82. Sakura + Syaoran (Cardcaptor Sakura)

Here’s another good classic couple. Cuteness to the point of getting sick. I love them together to death. Many fans have paired her with her best friend, Tomoyo. Many have paired him with his cousin, Meiling. (Yuck!) But, those just don’t do it with me. Keep Sakura and Syaoran together and I’ll be one happy little cat. And besides, they also look great in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle. Am I right, people? *Wink*
81. Kei + Conrad (Factory)
Innocence vs. experience in this pair. He tries to keep her innocent as long as he can. But yet, she wants to be exposed to everything. Though it creates a headache-causing problem, a strange kind of love forms here. But, there are some problems along the way. She swings back and forward between him and Blu come series two. Who will she choose? Stick around and read, baby!

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