Rant Corner #5

I wanted to say this for a long time. In fact, I want to do this every year.

What is with Christmas decorations coming earlier every year? It’s like right after (or before) Halloween we start seeing Christmas decor and hearing Christmas music on the radio.

Stop it!

It’s not even Thanksgiving yet! Can we at least get through Thanksgiving first? Don’t get me started on the people complaining about “Happy Holidays”, Starbucks cups, and the fricken’ “War on Christmas”! CUT IT OUT! We should be more worried about the War on Thanksgiving! Since when has Thanksgiving taken a seat? When I was growing up, the Christmas spirit didn’t start until the day after Thanksgiving! Can we go back that?

Enough with the premature Christmas spirit! Let us enjoy Thanksgiving first! Please?

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Fun with PC Hell

From Blogger…

I am a bit late with this post because I ended up in PC Hell on Friday. Long story short, I have my laptop 98% back together. I just need to try and get back some of my podcasts and some of my notes lost in the older drives hiding in the laptop. Grrr!

Right now, I’m struggling to get caught up with my work and watching my anime. I’m finally up to season nine of Supernatural on Netflix. (I watched season ten on TV.) Pretty soon, I will be watching my movies in July and I have some good stuff too. I will watch Blue Velvet and The Others.

I will turn back to work now. Wish me luck, I’m just about finished.

Update: I am all caught now and I’m trying to get back my notes. Such a pain!

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