Rant Corner #6

I’ve been sitting on this for close to a week, but it just has to come out. So here goes.

Ever since 2004, I have used this picture storage site called Photobucket. I just uploaded my pictures and hot link the to my web site to save space because I am so broke at the moment. Everything’s been going go.

Until this month.

For some reason, some “genius” decided to stop allow hot linking to third-party sites. This blocked out pictures with an image saying you need to go to this link to upgrade your account. In order to have your pictures back on your site/forum/blog, you have to pay up to $400 a year.

Are you kidding me?! This is a joke, right?! NOBODY WANTS TO PAY $400 TO HOT LINK THEIR PICTURES! What makes it worse is that Photobucket changed their terms of service without any warning whatsoever. People are pissed! There are many complaints on their Facebook and Twitter pages. I even signed a petition for them to change their policy back. Photobucket has done nothing to address their problem or fix it. Now, I understand needing money to keep the site open, but $400 is not a reasonable price to charge for ANYTHING online. $50 or lower is reasonable, but not $400. It would be one thing if Photobucket said, “Hey everybody, we’re going to be doing this” ahead of time. But they didn’t even do that.

I’m on Imgur now and will have time fixing all the pictures on my site. (Even more so since the files on Webs won’t load and I can’t get the upload function to work. I keep asking for tech support to help, I haven’t heard anything back from them since last week. I might go into that for another rant if nothing changes.) I even have my pictures backed up on various CD’s. But the problem is figuring out where the hell everything goes on my massive and forever-growing site. Argh! Photobucket and Webs keep creating more work for me and tech fail that are driving me crazy! Can I just have one day without tech fail and have my web running and functioning how I want it?! Is that too much to ask for?! IS IT?!

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A Little Public Service Announcement

Yesterday, I have to ban somebody from my author page. This guy was clearly a homophobe. He claimed that gay marriage will never be a marriage. I started to list all of the bible marriages (man and rape victim, prisoner of war, etc.), but I was like screw it and banned him instead.

So, I will say this: If you come on my page with racist, sexist, homophobic shit, I will ban you. No arguments, just straight up ban you. My page is gay-friendly and is open for equality. I will not tolerate bigots! That is all.

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Rant Corner #3

It’s been a long time since I did this and I have sitting on this all weekend. Now it has to come out. So, here goes: On Facebook, I am an admin for an Author’s group. Before I signed up for the job, there was no structure. I mean, spammers were posting porn that didn’t involve writing and people were posting like crazy. I decided to stand up and take control. When I became admin, I put in place a schedule for posting different things on different days in the group and set up a queue. Ever since March, I have been doing a good job.

On Friday, a member asked if I deleted their post in the queue. I asked him what he posted and reminded him it was Book Link Friday. He had posted a couple of book cover pictures that he wanted an opinion on. He tried to point out a loop hole and I pointed out the schedule to him. (Posting book covers are Mondays, BTW.) He replies with this:

“Well this Friday! ..or leave a group Friday! It’s all the rage and you don’t have to wait for approval! Have a nice day!”

I explained about the spammers and the schedule itself in the group description. He goes on to say that he wants a reply ASAP and that he didn’t belong in the group. He even went as far as to tattle on me to the original admin. I managed to get it sorted out with him. Okay, don’t cope an attitude just because you didn’t follow the schedule! He’s getting mad at me for enforcing my own rules? The schedule is even in the pictures that a member made for me and the group description! If I bent the rules for one member, I would have to do it for the rest and the structure I came up with would be render mote. Just follow the rules that an admin lays down and don’t be childish about it!

<Exhale> I’m done now.

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Rant Corner (Two for One)

Rant #1:

There is this video going around on Facebook. It shows one dog lying dead on the side of the road another one tries to wake him up. (I refuse to post it and become what’s wrong with society.) Those who have seen had either one of two reactions:

1.) Sadness and pity for the dogs.

2.) Pissed off at the asshole filming them.

I am the latter. Why are they just standing there, filming the dogs? Hey asshole, PUT THE CAMERA DOWN AND GO HELP THE DOGS! At least give the dead one a proper burial! I mean, why does this footage EVEN exist in the first place? It would be one thing if the guy filming went over and helped the dogs, but no! They just stand there and keep filming. What makes it worse is that someone decided to put music to the clip! I don’t get what’s wrong with people!

Rant #2

You know over Thanksgiving with Obama pardoning the turkey and the idiot GOP aide woman talking junk about the first daughters, right? Here a little bit of the story: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/12/02/us/gop-aide-quits-after-ridiculing-obamas-daughters.html?_r=0. I just have one thing to say: LEAVE THE CHILDREN ALONE!

It’s bad enough that we have stupid people dissing our president and the first lady, leave the kids out of this! I am so happy she resigned.

*Breathes out*

That’s all for now.

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