Writing Exercise #1

I’m going to try something here:

You have to give food to this strange altar. Each item of food represents the seven deadly sins. What do you put on the altar?

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Post your answers in the comments section. I look forward to hearing from you. And while you’re at it…

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Happy 2018 Everyone!

Welcome to 2018, my darlings! May this year be better than the last one.

Good news, chapter three of Steel Prison has been edited! I am hoping for snow this week. I was told that I was going to get some this week. My first day into the new year’s been pretty good. Got some writing done. Work’s been picking and I did some jobs on the first day. I will do more jobs tomorrow. I will get paid next week too.

What shall we be looking forward to? Well, I will try to get in editing of chapter four of Steel Prison. I still intend on getting that published some time this year. Not just for the ebook either, I intend to do hardcover and maybe send it to a publisher. I will still be fixing  my site to get rid of the Photobucket pictures. Some things will be finished. I am going to start new project to tide me over for waiting to start the next season of my Wasteland Project. (The waiting is going to suck like always.) I will work on a one-shot Durarara omake to go with the Wonderland series. I might do another one shot pilot for the Wasteland Project. For now on that one, I just have bits and pieces. I will try to get a full-time job while I’m at it.

That is so much to promise in one day, but it is doable for me. Also, these aren’t New Year’s Resolutions. I never make those. But, I am determined to make this year better than last year. Wish me luck. While you’re at it…

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I am Done with Webs.com!

That’s it. Webs have screwed up big time! They already messed when legacy file manager was not a priority anymore. You have to upgrade to use html code in site builder. I tried to use the older html editor, but it won’t show the results on the website anymore. Webs won’t let me downgrade either. I finally gave up and moved back to Neocities. Photobucket i s no longer a problem with them anymore. I have moved the main site to Neocities and I am liking it. I still have to edit everything and make it right. That’s going to take me a while, but I can do it.

I feel that 2018 will get better for me. I already have chapter two of Steel Prison edited. I can’t wait to get started on chapter three. City Lounge will be back again soon. I will be wrapping up New York and heading back to Paris for a third season. I have some many plans for the new year. I can’t wait to deliver on it. Merry Christmas and see you all in the new year. For now…

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Introducing… City Lounge: New York (Additions)

  • Neil: 25, black, butch lesbian, Hayley is both afraid of her and attracted to her
  • Kathy: 30, straight, white, Izzie’s agent

There might be more in the New York section, I don’t know yet. I do know I will wrap up book two of the New York and head into book three of the Paris section next year. Two years in and we’re still going strong here. I’m glad you guys like this blog project of mine. I will be happy to deliver more with our friends in Paris, Berlin, London, and New York. For now…

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Christmas Will be Coming

Both Christmas trees are up. (My grandmother’s and mine.) I will go Christmas shopping tomorrow. (A big part of it, anyway.) I still have a huge load to work on. My Netflix list is shrinking again. I will be done with this series called Dad of Light  by Thursday. I might finish another one before 2017 is over.

Speaking of which, I will try to get onto editing Steel Prison over the holidays. I am just about done with chapter two last time I checked. I am so close, but yet so far away. I am aiming to have Steel Prison published by next year. I have gotten back into playing Sims again. I missed this game so much. It feels so good to be playing again.

I am still waiting for 2017 to be over so that I can start having a better year in 2018. While I do that, you can…

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City Lounge: New York (Book Two, Chapter Eleven: Party Night Out)

Chapter Eleven: Party Night Out:

Friday night.

Maggie and Naomi sat at the bar at a nightclub.

“Why am I out with you again?” Maggie asked. Naomi turned to her grinning.

“Why else?” she asked. “You need to get out more. How else are you ever getting laid?” Her friend narrowed her eyes at her.

“I don’t need your help,” she growled.

“Excuse me?” Naomi asked.

“Nothing,” Maggie lied. They looked out at the people dancing on the dancefloor. New York on a Friday night was the best. Saturday night sat right next to it. The women watched the brightly-colored lights flashing around them. Naomi leaned over on the bar. More

City Lounge: New York (Book Two, Chapter Ten: Izzie’s Mental Game)

Chapter Ten: Izzie’s Mental Game:

Izzie raised her eyebrow at Neil.

“So, talk to me,” she said. “Who exactly are you?” The butch woman lowered her eyes.

“Uh, I like bikes,” she said.

“Do you?”


“What kind?” Izzie leaned in with her eyes fixed on her target. She had only heard the stories of Neil from Hayley. The way she talked, this butch lesbian sounded like Michael Myers. But from she saw, Neil looked like a shy little bunny rabbit aching to run away.


“Ah. Suits you well.”

“Uh… Thanks.”

Izzie tilted her head. “You don’t talk much, do you?” Neil looked away, blushing. Izzie sat back with her arms behind her head. More

City Lounge: New York (Book Two, Chapter Nine: Neil)

Chapter Nine: Neil:

Izzie looked around her neighborhood. What did she want to do today? She looked around at the tall buildings towards the sky. Yes, today was going to be her day. Izzie’s lips curved into a smirk. Maybe she could go down to one of the neighborhoods and hang around for bit. She moved her arms behind her head. The best part was she would have all day too.

Izzie made her way down to Brooklyn. She suddenly felt like a having a slice of pizza. Keste West Village sounded just perfect right about now. Izzie could taste that hot melted cheese to her lips right now. Okay, she settled on that. She stuck up her arm in the air. More

City Lounge: New York (Book Two, Chapter Eight: Izzie’s World II)

Chapter Eight: Izzie’s World II:

Izzie rules her world. She knows what she wants and will chase it down. Kris and Dianne try their best to keep up with her crazy. How does she keep them in her life? That’s all her secret.

This morning, she danced around in her room to Roy Ayers. Dianne walked up to her open bedroom door. She knocked on the hard white wood. Izzie spun around and froze.

“Yeah?” she asked. Dianne seemed to be shouting something at her.

“What?” Izzie asked over the loud music. Her girlfriend shouted louder again.

“What?!” the writer asked again. Dianne sighed and rolled her eyes as she reached over to turn off the stereo. More

City Lounge: New York (Book Two, Chapter Seven: South Side Crush)

Chapter Seven: South Side Crush:

Hayley stood in the library with Neil’s eyes on her back.

Noooooo! Nooooo! How did this happen?! Why is she here? Oh god, why? Why? She turned around and forced herself to smile.

“Uh… hi…” she said. “Neil… I wasn’t expecting to see you here.” Hayley nervously laughed.

“Shhh!” the old librarian hissed. Hayley ducked her head and clenched her teeth.

“Sorry,” she whispered. The big butch black lesbian stared at her the whole time. Hayley rubbed the back of her head. Oh crap! Why does she have to be here? I don’t know what to say around her. It didn’t help that Neil had to look so attractive too. Hayley looked around for something, anything. More

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