Moving the Web Site

After x-amount of years, I am moving my web site from Webs to a new domain. Webs won’t let me upload html files under a free account anymore. (Which is bull, because I have been up loading files since I first signed up on I call bullshit on that.)  Plus, Webs have been have a number of problems lately. Everyone is constantly complaining on their Facebook page. I figured after I couldn’t save changes on the pages I already uploaded because of an anti-spam code, I knew it was time to go.

After a little searching, I found a new home with I signed up and now I am uploading the main site day by day. It’s going to take a while since I have some many files to put up. I will let you all know when I have finished fixing everything. But for now…

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God Save the Queen, the UK Screwed Up

Yes, the people voted to leave the EU yesterday. Yeah, Britain is screwed. The stock market took a nasty blow. Now, things are a mess for my other favorite country. Scotland and London wanted to stay. Now, Scotland might try to leave the UK again. It’s a crazy time now, my friends. However, it’s parliament that has the final say with the Brexit. Even that’s not good because they are in a mess too. It’s just really hectic and people in the UK are looking up what happens now.

Affirmative Action is here to stay. It looks Abby will have to stay mad and study like the rest of the human race. #StaymadAbby. #Beckywiththegoodgrades.

My new battery for Pinky came in today. Maybe still will stop my overheating problems. Love Addict will be re-published soon. Just hang in there. For now…

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Great News!

My book, Distorted Lullaby, made its first sale last Sunday! Finally! I just need to keep it coming. Lately, I have been asking for reviews for my books. Maybe that will help me out. I will have to see. I am trying to contact with the people on Facebook page to help build a fanbase. Speaking of which, it’s time to make my monthly newsletter for March. (My birthday’s also coming up.)

Right now, things are slowly building up for me. I guess I just need to keep at it and try to finish some books for editing and publishing. Sins of Women will be coming in April under the name of Canojo Koi and I am planning to edit a collection of short stories titled Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked. This Faulkner-inspired book will focus on close to a century around the Carter family in Louisiana. I just need to put the stories together into one file and have it edited.

Till then,

Noizchild Johnson

News, News, News!

Sleeper is now available on Amazon, iBooks, and Page Foundry:


Page Foundry:


More will be coming when the other places clear.

New Year, New Goals, New Arrangements!

Happy 2015, everyone! I decided to take things more seriously with my writing career and my personal life. I need a job, edit and publishing more books, and improve on my writing. Like the look of the new blog? I changed the Facebook page for my page and now you can easily subscribe to this blog. Some of the links are gone too.

Now for the news…

Bacchus’ Mistress 

I bestow upon you lovely people a new book under the name of Canojo Koi. Do you like dark steamy dramas set against a New Orleans background. (I mean, who doesn’t?) Have a little taste this little teaser:

“He hasn’t slept in weeks. He hasn’t spoken to a soul in months. He thinks he’s unredeemable. But with the help of five women just as broken as he is, he just might find the light.”

Bacchus’ Mistress will be available early this year.

 Sins of Women

Under the same name of Canojo Koi, I will be publishing another book entitled Sins of Women. This is an erotic tarot card-themed novel with the setting of the Greek islands. Here is a little teaser for everyone:

“Madris lives a dysfunctional life with women. A combination of bad luck and poor choices only makes it worse. Through memories and tarot cards, he tries to navigate the core reason.”

Sins of Women will be available in spring of this year.

Have a happy 2015!

December 8th, 1980.


On this day, John Lennon was gunned down by Mark Chapman. Lennon was a great musician, but didn’t really live up to his image in his personal life. (He treated his wives and son, Julian, like crap.) Either way, he was taken away from the world to soon. Here is my tribute to him:

Give Peace a Chance
(December 8th, 1980)

10:50 pm, BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG in the cold dark night.
This Boy, an idol falls down in front of the Dakota Building entrance.
Happy Xmas (War Is Over),
The music died that night with the legend
Mother, this was a man of peace and brotherly love.
Ask Me Why,
Who would do such a thing?
Imagine, a faceless nobody named Mark David Chapman.
Power to the People,
Why did he do it?
Jealous Guy:
Chapman didn’t want to be a nobody, so he shot our idol
Mind Games,
It doesn’t make sense!
(Just Like) Starting Over,
A wife without a husband and two sons without a father.
#9 Dream,
He walked away to the pearly white gates at 11:07 pm, you know?
Stand by Me
No funeral, just food for the hungry golden yellow flames.
Whatever Gets You thru the Night
His widow kept the ashes.
Woman Is the N****r of the World, she was blamed for breaking up the Fab Four.
Woman, now, you can’t help but feel sorry for her that day.
“You Can’t Do That! It’s not fair! It’s just not fair!”
Instant Karma!
The music died that night with the legend.
Love, it’s all ironic really.
Nobody Told Me, they all treated him like a criminal for the last few years of his life
I’m Stepping Out, he felt safe in NYC two days before the music died
Borrowed Time
“I’ll probably be popped off by some loony.”

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