Noizchild and Office 365 are Getting Divorced (Maybe)

Yeah, you read that right. Office 365 and I might be breaking up. I’ve tried everything to get it to work, but it just failed on me. If you have to fight with a writing program to keep it from crashing every time you save, it’s time to wait for the new model. (Word 2019 is coming out next year.)

For now, I am using OpenOffice. It’s just like Word without some of the fancy features. I am coping with it and I like it. If I can figure out how to get it to the save point of where I typed and how to show my word count at the bottom, it would be perfect. For now, I will wait and you can…

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Noizchild VS. Office 365

I have had headaches with Office 365. It started back on Wednesday. I had finished a long chapter, but then Word froze up on me and claimed that it ran into an error and needed to close. (It did this a little bit earlier too.) When it closed down, I opened it up and the second half of the chapter was gone. I struggled to keep it open and finish. I ran several repairs on Thursday, yesterday, and today. I even restored to uninstalling and reinstalling it. No dice. I finally had to call custom service. He walked me through the process and got it fixed. Right now, it’s working. Let’s hope that it works tomorrow. *Fingers crossed*

For now…

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I am a Bit Stuck

I have a bit of a problem. No, I already fixed the Photobucket one. I’m talking about the one for the main site.

I started out at Webs, but then it started to have problems. So, I moved to Neocities. That was great for a while, but it started to conflict with Photobucket in Chrome and Firefox. So, I went back to Webs. That was going fine until my files stopped loading and I couldn’t get the upload function to work. And they haven’t done anything to fix it. I can’t even reach them and they aren’t responding to my various complaints. I’m thinking that it’s time to move back to Neocities or find another server if the problems aren’t sorted. Anyone know of web servers that are free and will let me upload files? I’m open for suggestions. For now…

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Rant Corner #6

I’ve been sitting on this for close to a week, but it just has to come out. So here goes.

Ever since 2004, I have used this picture storage site called Photobucket. I just uploaded my pictures and hot link the to my web site to save space because I am so broke at the moment. Everything’s been going go.

Until this month.

For some reason, some “genius” decided to stop allow hot linking to third-party sites. This blocked out pictures with an image saying you need to go to this link to upgrade your account. In order to have your pictures back on your site/forum/blog, you have to pay up to $400 a year.

Are you kidding me?! This is a joke, right?! NOBODY WANTS TO PAY $400 TO HOT LINK THEIR PICTURES! What makes it worse is that Photobucket changed their terms of service without any warning whatsoever. People are pissed! There are many complaints on their Facebook and Twitter pages. I even signed a petition for them to change their policy back. Photobucket has done nothing to address their problem or fix it. Now, I understand needing money to keep the site open, but $400 is not a reasonable price to charge for ANYTHING online. $50 or lower is reasonable, but not $400. It would be one thing if Photobucket said, “Hey everybody, we’re going to be doing this” ahead of time. But they didn’t even do that.

I’m on Imgur now and will have time fixing all the pictures on my site. (Even more so since the files on Webs won’t load and I can’t get the upload function to work. I keep asking for tech support to help, I haven’t heard anything back from them since last week. I might go into that for another rant if nothing changes.) I even have my pictures backed up on various CD’s. But the problem is figuring out where the hell everything goes on my massive and forever-growing site. Argh! Photobucket and Webs keep creating more work for me and tech fail that are driving me crazy! Can I just have one day without tech fail and have my web running and functioning how I want it?! Is that too much to ask for?! IS IT?!

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I was Off-Focus Last Week

Last week, I could not focus on my writing. I have no idea what happened. I either found myself bored with the draft or I was too busy. I had two birthdays to celebrate last week. (My grandfather and my mother’s). My work wasn’t as great as I wanted it to be. Somehow, the distractions will probably carry over into this week too if I am not careful. Still, I will try to stay on task and get them done on time. More

Pinky Needs New Parts

Pinky, my darling laptop that I’ve had since ’08 needs some new parts. She works beautifully still, but she’s starting to show her age a bit. I will need to replace the following:

  • Keyboard: The “d” gets stuck on a daily basis and types out “dddddddddddddddddddd” at random. (So annoying and it interferes with my work).
  • Battery: I abused it to the point that it goes to low battery when I unplug Pinky. (Dumb on my part, I know. :()
  • Charge chord: It’s starting to fall apart near the part near the laptop. It doesn’t start up properly because of it.
  • And technically not part of Pinky, but a new USB adapter would be nice. See problem above.

I just need to figure out price and where to get everything. Oh yeah, Pinky is a Dell laptop. I know the type, but I choose not to disclose.

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Fun with PC Hell

From Blogger…

I am a bit late with this post because I ended up in PC Hell on Friday. Long story short, I have my laptop 98% back together. I just need to try and get back some of my podcasts and some of my notes lost in the older drives hiding in the laptop. Grrr!

Right now, I’m struggling to get caught up with my work and watching my anime. I’m finally up to season nine of Supernatural on Netflix. (I watched season ten on TV.) Pretty soon, I will be watching my movies in July and I have some good stuff too. I will watch Blue Velvet and The Others.

I will turn back to work now. Wish me luck, I’m just about finished.

Update: I am all caught now and I’m trying to get back my notes. Such a pain!

Good Help is Hard to Find Sometimes

I ask for beta readers/editors to help me clean up my work to make it presentable for the masses to read. Lately, I have been hearing nothing. So far, I’m waiting for feedback on the last ten chapters of a fanfic, another whole fanfic, and two stories that I intend of publishing. At least, I have heard back from the complete fanfic one. I got a sample of editing the prologue and an essay on writing a sex scene. I will start work on that Friday. Everything else, I will keep trying to contact them until I get results. <sigh> Why is good help so hard to find sometimes?

Meanwhile, I’m still struggling with trying to find a good music site that lets me make up for the dead There are two versions of Grooveback now– and Neither aren’t that great. (Li doesn’t have an embed function and Im basically just takes songs from Soundcloud and uses it as their own. Bleh.) As of right now, I am settling of Spotify and soundcloud for individual songs and thinking about trying MySpace for playlists on a certain fic. Not exactly how I wanted this, but it’s going to have to do until I get something better. Darn you, record labels and your fingers greedy little paws!

Even so, I must soldier on.

–Canojo Koi

Easter Allergies and Falling Behind

How was your Easter? Mine was a little dull if not for a slightly health problem that spanned into three days. It all started Sunday when my left hand was aching and I didn’t know why. By Monday, the pain spread to my right hand. By Tuesday, I was broken out and my lower lip had swollen up. Plus, the pain from my hands moved down to my feet. When the break-out spread on my body, I was taken to urgent care and prescribed medication. Turns out, I had a allergic reaction to something, but I still don’t know what it was.  I’m fine now, though.

Anyway, I watched some interesting movies this week. The I Inside turned out to be rather decent. I won’t spoil it in case you want to see it for yourselves. The Manchurian Candidate 2004 version was pretty good. (I still can’t believe that Denzel Washington is sixty years old. That man is old!) I saw Waking Life again on Easter. Unless you like philosophy and people just talking on and on about different topics, I would suggest that you would skip it. I liked Total Recall, the 1990 version. It’s a bit hokey, but hey, they were coming out of 80’s when they made this movie. Next up was The Machinist. It was pretty good too. Finally, I saw Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. Good, but bizarre movie. It makes want to go read the book. Today, I am going to watch Showgirls and K-Pax. I know Showgirls is crap, but don’t we all need stupid entertainment in our lives once in a while? Plus since HBO on demand is free for the weekend, I will binge on John Oliver and check out Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

I finally got a book on my Kindle. (Finally, something other apps and rented textbooks on my Kindle! Yay!) It’s titled, Japanese Erotica Collection by Harry Lime. I should be able to handle to break my laziness with reading. Though, I have been doing good with manga and another book called, Self-Editing for Fiction Writers. (In fact, I finished chapter four on Wednesday.) As for my editing, I have been falling behind on Six Days. Hopefully, I can get it done by Sunday. Plus, I will check on Sins of Women and try to find someone to look at volume of Hapless Cupid. I also got a big jar of kimichi to munch on. Yummy!

That’s it for now.

Why am I So Sore?

I don’t know why my hands and feet are so sore. My hands have been sore since Sunday. Now, inside of my lip is swollen. I think I might be allergic to something in my house.

I have been falling behind with editing my short story, Six Days. Hopefully, I can get back on track by Saturday to Sunday.

I get to pick on Ebook for my Kindle. I just need to pick out which one.

That’s it for now.

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