Tumblr is a Mess!

So if you haven’t heard by now, Tumblr is cracking down on NSFW art. I do not need to go into detail as you have seen it splashed all over Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, here, and all other pieces of social media. Just go and read the post on the staff Tumblr. Why is this happening? The story goes like this: the Tumblr app got banned from the Apple store due to the child porn running a muck on the platform. So now, the Tumblr execs are trying to clean up their act in a rather sloppy way by December 17th. Now, NSFW artists are going apeshit. Granted, writers will be left unharmed by the changes in service terms. (Even though some of them are acting paranoid.) I personally am going to be fine because I am a writer. (It might effect me sharing posts from my Controversial Album Cover display in November. But, I think everything will be sorted by then.)

Everyone in the Tumblr community is pissed. Some artists are abandoning ship already. I’m not mad at all. I’m going to be fine. I just hope Tumblr sorts out this mess that way everyone will calm the fuck down. But for now…

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Offer Too Good to True

Okay, the story goes link this…

I just got an email from BookTweep today. Their message went like this.

Dear Noizchild Johnson,
We would like to help you in the Promotional efforts of your “The Perfect Doll” to boost the number of sales and ranking.
We will act as an extra helping hand in marketing your book so that you can get more time to write your next one.
You can check our website and discuss your promotion queries and your Book Sales target.
For more info just visit our website and write to us. Our website is https://booktweep.com
Thank You
Team Booktweep
Email address looks legit, but hold on there, Sally!

I did a little digging on Booktweep.  I came across an interesting article here: https://aprilhenry.livejournal.com/1158419.html

Here is what another site says about them: http://leegoldberg.com/booktweep-edition/

Plus, BookTweep’s site is not much to look at. I don’t have the money either. It just looks like a waste of money. Needless to say, deleted the email. Anyone ever encountered other promotion scams? Comment below, let me know. Also…

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Where is My Winter Wonderland?

There is no snow (yet). Instead, we have rain that could turn into ice. I’m patient, though. Hopefully, I will wake up to a pretty winter wonderland tomorrow. Still, that doesn’t stop me from working. The wikia for a fanfic project of mine is coming along nicely.

I heard a little rumor about books on Amazon about to be labelled with warning for poor grammar and formatting. This is enough of a motive for me to clean up my work and format it much better. The first one I will start with is Distorted Lullaby. I will read over it again and pick out a formatting program. Then I will re-promote my book to help sell better.

Right now, things are kind of slow. I have become a little more active on Twitter and Reddit. To tell you the truth, I am not a patient person. I hate the waiting so badly. I feel myself dying inside for feedback. However, I am partly to blame for this hang-up. I need to be a little more sociable online. I need to combat my laziness and get my productivity up to eleven.

For now, I will edit a Cardcaptor Sakura fic next week and try to be more socialable on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

-Noizchild Johnson

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A Little Public Service Announcement

Yesterday, I have to ban somebody from my author page. This guy was clearly a homophobe. He claimed that gay marriage will never be a marriage. I started to list all of the bible marriages (man and rape victim, prisoner of war, etc.), but I was like screw it and banned him instead.

So, I will say this: If you come on my page with racist, sexist, homophobic shit, I will ban you. No arguments, just straight up ban you. My page is gay-friendly and is open for equality. I will not tolerate bigots! That is all.

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Thinking of Something to Say…

I need to be more social on social media. More connection equals getting my name out there. The problem is that I am so lazy with this type of thing. Plus, I can’t really think of anything to say at times. I will give it a shot today.

I have gotten back into Sims 4 lately. I got some new mods into the game and can’t wait to try them out.  First, I will watch the original Omen and then test it out. Hopefully, I will have more time today. Work just takes up much at times.

Anyway, I’m onto a new anime today. It titled, “Kagaku Ninjatai Gatchaman.” It’s an old anime, but I will give it a try. Speaking of old things, I have finally seen The Exorcist and Rosemary’s Baby. They weren’t really scary, but they were greatly executed. I will let you know what I think of The Omen.
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R.I.P. Grooveshark and Fun with Facebook Stupidity

Yesterday, the music web site, Grooveshark, shut down. Apparently, they couldn’t get the right licenses and had to close. This is a pain for me because I’m going to have to go and replace a good majority of music that I embedded on the pages. Currently, I am using Spotify for my music on my web site. It’s good so far, but I am disappointed with the lack of Japanese and anime music on it. They are also missing certain albums from the artists that I had saved on Grooveshark. Looks like I’m going to have wait until the record labels decide to be nice and let the music be streamed on the internet. Why do record labels have to be so greedy?

On another note, welcome to the first edition of the Pleasure Lotus’: “Facebook Stupidity.”

The story: http://www.refinery29.com/2015/04/86447/single-mom-fired-because-of-facebook-post#.ns9z7m:LQef

Keep this in mind: EVERYONE can see what you post online. Don’t do crap like this! Just remember this: Businesses and potential hirers look at your Facebook/social media. They have an image to keep up with for their company. They don’t want someone that’s going to make them look bad.

I rest my case.

Bisexual Characters and a Short News Piece

This week, I had an interesting thought. I came to notice that majority of main characters are either straight or gay. We rarely see any bisexual characters. One reason my mother told me is that some gay men start out as bisexual. Do any of you have bisexual characters in your works and how many are the main character?

On another note, I will be publishing another short story under the Canojo Koi name titled, Six Days. I just have to make the edits, pick the cover, and get to it. (Kind of tied up on another season of another series that I’m writing on my web site at the moment. It was supposed to be up by yesterday, but I ran out of time.)

Let’s see, there’s something else too. Oh yes, I intend on publishing the first volume of my light novel series, Hapless Cupid, in possibly May or June. I just need to get it edited and pick out an anime-like cover. I’m also happy to say that the Facebook page for my web site, Tokyo-Zion Academy, hit 100 likes last night/this morning. I finally got Origin working right on my laptop after spending a couple of days in PC Hell trying to get it to update properly. I just need to try and find time to play Sims 4 again. I’ve been watching a couple of good movies this week on Netflix. American Beauty actually wasn’t that bad and Nightwatch makes me want to go read the book. (Also, Nightwatch is the first Russian movie I’ve ever seen.) Today, I’m going to watch The I Inside. (If it’s crap, please don’t tell me.)  I also came across Natural Born Killers and Unbreakable on Netflix in the past two days alone. I think Netflix is upping its game for me. Now if only they would put more anime and Japanese movies up…

I think that’s it for now.

Great News!

My book, Distorted Lullaby, made its first sale last Sunday! Finally! I just need to keep it coming. Lately, I have been asking for reviews for my books. Maybe that will help me out. I will have to see. I am trying to contact with the people on Facebook page to help build a fanbase. Speaking of which, it’s time to make my monthly newsletter for March. (My birthday’s also coming up.)

Right now, things are slowly building up for me. I guess I just need to keep at it and try to finish some books for editing and publishing. Sins of Women will be coming in April under the name of Canojo Koi and I am planning to edit a collection of short stories titled Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked. This Faulkner-inspired book will focus on close to a century around the Carter family in Louisiana. I just need to put the stories together into one file and have it edited.

Till then,

Noizchild Johnson

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