I am a Bit Stuck

I have a bit of a problem. No, I already fixed the Photobucket one. I’m talking about the one for the main site.

I started out at Webs, but then it started to have problems. So, I moved to Neocities. That was great for a while, but it started to conflict with Photobucket in Chrome and Firefox. So, I went back to Webs. That was going fine until my files stopped loading and I couldn’t get the upload function to work. And they haven’t done anything to fix it. I can’t even reach them and they aren’t responding to my various complaints. I’m thinking that it’s time to move back to Neocities or find another server if the problems aren’t sorted. Anyone know of web servers that are free and will let me upload files? I’m open for suggestions. For now…

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Writing Question #1

I have a good question for my fellow writers out there: Lines you will not cross as a writer?

Don’t forget to submit work for LGBT Scream this month at noizchild@yahoo.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Curious Music Question

I have to wonder about something:

Would we have Foo Fighters and New Order if the lead singers of their original bands, Nirvana and Joy Division, hadn’t killed themselves? Would Nirvana and Joy Division even stay around for a long time? I don’t really know the answer to that myself. What do you think? Would we still have Nirvana, Joy Division, or other bands where the lead singer committed suicide? Would said bands have lasted for years to come? Why or why not?

Ask the Author!

Okay, everyone. Today will be the first  session of where you ask me questions about anything. (Writing, anime, etc.) Nothing too personal and no spam. So, go ahead, ask away!

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