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For years, the genre of shounen anime has been filled with tropes. Some of them are loved. Others, even the most die hard of fans wish that they would just go away. Creators try to come up with ways to not make each trope drag down an anime/manga. One such trope is the overpowered main character. Why does this trope exist and why does it pop up in every shounen anime? Here are fifteen anime with overpowered main characters.


I Finally Did it!


I finally finished all two hundred episodes of Sailor Moon. It was a long process that I began back in 2017. (Maybe it was 2016, I don’t remember.) I dove in on it. Then I stalled for a few months. Then, I picked it back up again. I literally finished Sailor Moon R when I was twenty-nine and started S when I was thirty. (I started S on my birthday this year.) How was it? It’s much better than the DIC/Cloverway. The more I watched, the more I realized that DIC didn’t understand the concept of showing and not telling. The Japanese uncut version relied on showing and not telling the audience what was going on. You could see what was going on and understand the story. Some of the edits didn’t make sense. (No, DJ Ranma S, I don’t care what you say. Even if they were trying to make it like Clueless, there were still some edits that didn’t make sense.)

The only downside is the filler. The ’92 version has so much filler. The first half of R is nothing but filler. If you can get past the filler, it’s a decent anime that doesn’t always follow the manga. Other than, it’s decent nostalgia. Sailor Moon Crystal corrected the filler and story line problem. It will a long while before I get to Crystal. Right now, I am going to watch One Outs next.

Rating: 6.5/10

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Controversial Album Covers IX (Pt. 21)

Year: 2002

Impaled: Choice Cuts


The Problem: When it comes to goregrind, there’s not much that can be considered shocking given the grotesquery found within the lyrics. While overtly violent, the genre has always maintained an aura of fun with tongues firmly in cheek. However, that doesn’t make album art like Impaled’s Choice Cuts compilation easier to look at, as it features a newborn baby lying in a pool of blood and guts with a hacksaw placed to its throat by the doctor.

My Take: Well, that’s one way to control the population. The gore doesn’t really surprise me at this point. (Just go back and look through this project through all of the gory album covers.) At this point, I am so numb to the shock.

Lore Gore: The Autophagous Orgy


The Problem: Lord Gore tapped Japanese hentai artist Waita Uziga for their debut record, The Autophagous Orgy. Uziga needed no inspiration considering the word “autophagous” means “self-devouring.” The album cover is a particularly brutal take on hentai (anime porn) with caricatures of women drenched in blood in a sexual feast of human flesh. Lord Gore certainly live up to their band name with this album cover.

My Take: Ero Guro rules this cover. This would make Dir en Grey proud. A little note here: “hentai” means perverted. Americans are the ones who decided call Japanese animated porn as such. I believe it’s egore. I have to look it up later. I tried to look up Uziga-san, but couldn’t find much about him. He does have a manga called, Mai-chan’s Daily Life. It’s just like this album cover. So, yeah… (Plus, there was a live-action movie too. Oh buddy…)

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Rating System

I thought of this while I was in bed last night. I decided that if I ever get off my ass and start reviewing anime/Japanese movies/J-Dramas, I will put in place a rating system. It will go zero through ten and the names will be all of the following starting from ten downwards. These might be subjected to change if I come up with better labels for them:

10: Shut Up and Take My Money!

9: Download

8: Rental

7: Stream

6: Kill Time

5: Meh

4: Could be Better

3: Nothing Else On

2: Garbage

1: Background Noise

0: Fuck This Shit!

I think that’s good for now. And while you’re at it…

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Author/Artist Spotlist

I decided to try something new for each month. I’m trying to figure this out as I go along. Work with me here as I try to blend the interests of both manga and literature fans with this segment on the blog.

Author/Artist Spotlight for December:

Name: Takahashi Rumiko

Date of Birth: October 10, 1957

Place of Birth: Niigata, Japan

Notable Works: Urusei Yatsura, Maison Ikkoku, Ranma ½, and InuYasha

Things I’ve Noticed about Her: I have seen the movies and anime series InuYasha, InuYasha: The Final Act, the live action special of Ranma 1/2, and started watching the anime series for Urusei Yatsura. (I haven’t finished reading the manga to InuYasha.) She tends to write about men being perverts and the women beating up on the men. I believe that she likes the tsundere troupe. Urusei Yatsura is just bizarre from just watching the movie,  Beautiful Dreamer, and some of the OVAs. InuYasha is okay, but the anime just felt like it was going forever and ever. I’ve also seen Mermaid Scar from her Mermaid Saga manga, but it’s pretty grim. (I remember that I got in trouble with my aunt and her friend for watching it at a younger age.) Overall, Takahashi-san has some interesting work that you should check out.

Feel free to drop your two-sense in about her and future authors and artists.

What Anime I Watched This Summer

This summer, I decided to embark on an anime summer. Here is my list I have watched and read until school started:

Anime Summer Status
Date Started: 5/11/09
Date Ended: 8/17/09
Loveless (5/11-5/17)
Ah My Goddess! (5/18)
Cowboy Bebop (5/19-5/21)
Wolf’s Rain (5/22)

 Ai Yori Aoshi (5/23-5/30)

Ouran High School Host Club (05/31-6/5)
Weiß Kreuz (6/6-6/8)
Kannazuki no Miko (6/9-6/11)
Hanaukyo Maid Team: La Verite (6/12-6/14)
Chobits: (6/15-6/18)
Whisper of the Heart (6/19)
The Cat Returns (6/20)
Pom Poko (6/21)
Chrono Crusade: (6/22-6/26)
Detective Academy Q (6/27-7/3) (7/21-7/25)
Green Green (7/4-7/7)
Inuyasha the Movie: Affections Touching Across Time (7/6)
Elfen Lied: (7/7)
Excel Saga: (7/8-7/10)
Wild Card: (7/11-7/16)
Witchblade: (7/17-7/20)
Heat Guy J: (7/26-7/28)
Ninja Scroll Series: (7/29-7/30)
Noir: (7/31-8/6)
Karas: (8/9-8/10)
Witch Hunter Robin: (8/11-8/16)
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind” (8/17)
Twilight of the Dark: (5/17)
Twilight of the Dark: (5/24-7/11)
Ai Yori Aoshi: (7/12-8/9)

Top 200 Fav. Couples (Pt. 5)

160. Sally + Patrick (Coupling UK)
These two are so obvious that even a coma patient can tell that they love even other. She first became attracted to good old playa Patrick because he was well-hung. They seemed to chase each other around for three series. They finally got together at the end of series three. Sally and Patrick’s made for more laughs to the English and American public. Their relationship seemed super sweet to everyone. He even purposed to her on the very last episode. Awww… That’s so sweet!
159. Kohaku + Shuichiro (Wish)
 This is main couple of the manga, Wish. They are so sweet and cute together. He rescued her from a cat and a falling tree branch when she was looking for Hushi. As a reward, she would Kohaku would grant Shuichiro one wish. He didn’t really want anything and she just stayed with him since. A relationship formed from there. Even after death took Shuichiro, Kohaku waited a whole century to be with him again. Now, that’s love! I love this couple so much that they inspired me to write the series, Tenshi Trail.
158. Haru + Ellie (Rave Master)
Now no thanks to the dubber in the states, Rave Master looks really cheesy. (I’m hoping that the sub version’s any better.) But, Haru and Ellie do look like they actually have something between them. During when Sieg Hart tried to murder Ellie, Haru refused to let her die and fought for her. In the manga, the couple do marry and have a son together. Will they have a happy ending in the anime, I’ll have to stomach it and see.
157. Brandon + Jodie (Anaconda)
Another sweet OC couple of mine. He found her standing on the edge of a bridge looking down. She followed him to a diner and told him about her problems at school. He took pity on her and asked her grandfather to take care of her during the Night Slayer case. Since then, their love grew from there. I just can’t wait to develop them even further. Wish me luck! *Wink*
156. Kat + Alfie (Eastenders)
Well, lookie here! Yet another couple from Eastenders. There seems to be so much love on that show. Alfie came to Walford in 2002. He charmed his way into the residents’ hearts as bar tender, Chris Wright. He and Kat Slater seemed to hit it off very well. They certainly have more chemistry than she and Anthony ever did! Alfie and Kat married by 2004. At point, it went sour. But then in the end they got back together and left Walford together. What a happy ending!
155. Lucy + Tre (Footballer$ Wives)
I didn’t really get into this until about series 5. She was married to that utter wanking bastard, Bruno. Tre was dating and married to the total screwed-up diva, Liberty. However, due to Lucy finding out that Bruno didn’t divorce his first wife and Tre finding out that Liberty had a lesbian affair with her PR behind his back, the Lucy and Tre crossed paths and comforted each other. Now, Lucy is pregnant. But by who? We won’t know because the show got canned in 2006. Bummer!
154. Jim + Daisy (Anaconda)
Here is another fave sweet couple from my FMA fic. She is so innocent and he acts childish at times. But, Jim is really good to Daisy and will protect her like a knight to a princess. He even tries to help her be more independent for her. She sometimes tries to be a bad girl for her husband, but he likes her when she is sweet and nice. (So do we, Jim! So do we!) Either though Jim and Daisy’s father don’t get along too well, they stay together no matter what.
153. Jiro + Mitsuko (Kikaider)
Ah, the good old relationship between a machine and human. These two prove it well. Sure, Gil tried to make Jiro kill Mitsuko in the beginning. But they, rose above and tried to find out the mystery of Mitsuko’s missing father. They did share one kiss before he went off to fight Gil. But that was about it. I was kind of hoping for a little bit more in the end. But no. *Sigh* Oh well, that’s what we have fanfics for.
152. Aka Kenshin + Kaoru (Aka Tenshi)
Anothny basically took Kenshin and Kaoru from Rurouni Kenshin and made them into reincarations. Then, he made Aka Kenshin his old self in Samurai X and ran with it there. Anyway, he seems cruel to Kaoru and only uses her for power-ups through sex. But inside, there are some feelings of care for that become present in the end. Kaoru doesn’t care if Aka Kenshin loves her or not. She’s just happy to be with him no matter what and is willing to help him with any and everything. Even kill for him…

151. Kagome + Ryo (Flame of Love)

Is it so wrong for step sibilings to be in love with each other? This series asks that question repeatedly. Ryo fell in love with Kagome until his father married her mother. Despair followed at first, but then it all fell into Ryo’s favor. He could be close to his crush all the time. But then, their parents decided to be independent for a while and divored. Kagome and her mom moved away. Ryo was crushed for a while. But then, Kagome and her mother re-entered his and his father’s lives and brought back old feelings of love. Can the love be complete in the end? Amethyst says we’ll just have to see.

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