I am Back

I have survived the storm.

I lost power Friday evening. I managed to finish my drafts before the battery in my laptop got too low. Power came back Saturday, but I had no internet. So, I played Sims and wrote to pass the time. The internet finally came back up on Sunday. So, I played catch up with my posting and writing. And now, here I am. I am alive, my home is okay, and my work is done.

I finished The Innocents today. The pacing is good and they didn’t reveal who the bad guys was until the season finale. I wonder what they are going to do for season two next year. Next, I will watch the movie, Threads. And then maybe check out The Conjuring. I will see how I fill. I need some new podcasts though.

Oh and I am resuming City Lounge: Berlin tomorrow. Until then…

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