Submission Calling: I Need Your Help

Okay everyone , every September I do a project on my website called LGBT Scream. What that is, I just showcase LGBT-related works each day for thirty days. I just hotlink it to a date on a cell in a table that looks like the month of September on a calendar. There are seven themes that correspond with the colors of the rainbow:
Red= Yuri (18+ femslash)
Orange= Yaoi (18+ slash)
Yellow= Bisexual (18+)
Green= Bisexual (SFW)
Blue= Shounen-ai (SFW)
Indigo= Transgender
Violet= Shoujo-ai (SFW)

Submissions are really simple, just message me a link to your work with the information about the piece and I will link it to the calendar. The page looks like this:

Please follow this blog by clicking the “follow” button on the side bar. Tell two people and maybe they in turn will tell two more people and so on and so forth.


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