Celty is Still in the Shop

I called the shop today and they said that my battery to my second laptop isn’t in yet. They said that the battery will be coming in in a few days. Meanwhile, I’m getting Pinky’s battery to charge properly. I decided to try and run it without the battery. It might the charge chord that is the problem. I won’t worry about it now though because of Pinky’s age. (Getting an older laptop fixed does not seem to be worth the lack of money on me at the moment.) The down side is that I can’t really play Sims on Pinky. The game will start up and play for a few minutes, but then will close down without warning. I don’t know what is causing it. I’m not sure if it’s a mod I updated or if I didn’t copy all of the files from OneDrive. I won’t be certain until I get Celty back and update the mods on that file. God, I really wish I had laptop #2 back. But, I know it will be worth it. I won’t have to worry about the charging stopping and starting on me repeatedly, or Celty going to sleep on me because the battery got too low, or Celty shutting down on me because the battery got too low. Can’t have that. I have work to do.

Speaking work, on Thursday we will going back to Berlin for the City Lounge. I kind of forgot where I was, but I will jump right back into it. I guess I will just keep on writing and waiting. While I do that, you can…

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