Celty Went to the Shop

I finally sucked it up. Today, I took Celty (Laptop #2) into the shop. Turns out, it’s not the charging port. But, I need a new battery. They are ordering for me. I don’t know how long it will be in the shop. For the time being, I using Pinky to do work. I had to update my browsers, Chrome and Firefox, and get some of my files onto Pinky. After that, I got right to work. I got my chapters done for the day.

On another note, I first Camp a day early. I think I will write to add one more page just before I validate it. Tomorrow, I get to start on my seventh Durarara fic, Caged Wonderland, in the Wonderland series. I am really excited!

Despite it not charging when plugged up, Pinky runs just like it did for the clock battery died. I can’t wait to get Celty back. Until then…

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