City Lounge: Berlin (Book Three, Chapter Two: Am I Really That Boring?)

Chapter Two: Am I Really That Boring?:

I can’t be that boring, can I? I sat in my bathtub, staring at the ceiling. I have never been out to party. Most of my classmates went to dances and prom. I stayed home and read. Maybe watch a little TV with mom.  Come to think of it, she tried to make me a little more sociable. She’s done that ever since I was little.

“Come on, don’t you want to make some friends?” she asked when I was five. At the time, I stayed by her side. I hid behind her and shook my head.

“Why not?” she asked.

“I don’t know any of them,” I said in a little voice. “What if they don’t like me?” Mom smiled as she patted me on the hand.

“They won’t,” she said.

“You mean it?” I asked.

“You won’t know unless you talk to them,” mom said. She nudged me out to the playground.

“Go on,” she said. “Go and talk to somebody at least.” Mom had to push me over to the other kids. To her credit, I did play with some the little girls and boys that day. They seemed to nice too. Mom had to pull me away to get me to go home.

“But I want to stay,” I whimpered.

“There, there,” she said. “We can come back tomorrow, okay?” I stared at her with big eyes.

“Really?” I asked. Mom leaned down and kissed me on the forehead.

“I promise,” she said. From there, she tried to get me to be like a social butterfly like her. Sometimes, it worked. Other times, I wished that I could go home. I can say that it worked when I was in grade school. I don’t remember what happened in junior high.

I leaned over the edge of the tub.

Come to think of you, I don’t get out much in Berlin. It takes Stephanie and Sebastian to drag me out of my apartment. I’m in my twenties and I need someone to push me to leave my own home in another country. Kind of sad now that I think about it. I sank back into the water. I’m in Berlin. I should be exploring the city. Maybe not the sex clubs, but the museums.

I looked up at the ceiling again. I had never noticed that my bathroom was so pink before. I am not a fan of it, but at least it’s not a bright pink that can blind me. It’s more like a soft rose. Stephanie commented on it a while back, but I didn’t pay much attention to it. The color doesn’t really bother me that much. I don’t feel like changing it.

What was I thinking about again? Oh yeah, the fact that I need to get out more. Maybe I will take Stephanie up on her challenge. Next Saturday should be free by then. But, why should I wait until then? I can do her challenge tomorrow. I am not working then anyway. I could make an adventure for myself on a Sunday. I sank down into the bathtub.

But what should I do then? It doesn’t have to be a big thing. Maybe try some new coffee or walk into a museum that I’ve never heard of. Sebastian could help me. He’s good at finding all of the interesting places in Berlin. I shook my head. No, I should go at this alone tomorrow. It’s not a good thing to be clinging to people at my age if I am going to try this. I don’t need to reinvent myself, do I? I mean, it doesn’t exactly feel needed. I could just try something different for a day and see how I like it. Yeah, that will work out just fine.

I climbed out of the tub and dried off. That was a good bath. Ever since I first came to Berlin, I found that taking a bath on the weekends to be a rather relaxing thing. The tub/shower in my bathroom is small, but it serves its purpose. Taking a bath helps me think sometimes. It certainly helped with what to do with Stephanie’s offer. I looked at myself in the mirror. Why stop with Sunday? I don’t know where all of this planning came from, but I didn’t want to stop. I smiled as more and more came into my head.

I walked to my room and picked up my cell phone.

“Hello?” a voice on the other line asked. I smiled as I flopped back onto bed.

“Sebastian,” I said. “Are you doing anything next Saturday?”

“My morning is busy then,” he said. “But I think I am free for that evening. Why do you ask?”

“Oh, I figured that I could see you some time,” I said. “Maybe we could meet up if you are not busy. I missed you so much.”

“I would love that,” my honey said. “I have a special shoot for Halloween coming up.” I sat up with big eyes.

“What kind of shoot?” I asked.

“Dark, but alluring,” he said. “The client wants to frighten and tempt the viewer at the same time.” I shivered at the way he said that. His word dipped on the descriptions.

“Ooo!” I said. “When will it be available?”

“On Halloween,” Sebastian said. “I will text the rest of the information when it’s sent to me.”

“I would love it,” I said. “Can we have a date on Halloween too?” My love’s laughter made my heart race into double time.

“You miss me that much, huh?” he asked. My cheeks turned bright red.

“Yes,” I said in a tiny voice.

“Well then, I will see what I can do,” Sebastian said. I fell back onto my bed with my free hand to my chest.

“Thank you so much,” I said. “Good night.”

“Love you,” he said.

“Love you too,” I said. I hung up as I felt my head flying away. I didn’t want this rush to stop. Maybe this challenge could help keep it going tomorrow. I couldn’t wait to see what that was. I think Stephanie might be onto something.

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