Pinky Lives!

Technology is weird sometimes. Pinky, my Dell laptop, died last on February 15th due to the clock battery coming off and the clock battery being dead. A couple of months later, I took out the hard drive to some files to Celty, my Acer.

Fast forward a year later to this past Saturday.

I had planned to try and recycle Pinky for some cash in my local recycling place. Instinct told me to turn it on to see it still was broken. When I pressed the button, it booted up and asked for a diagnostics test. I accepted and it didn’t find anything wrong. Then suddenly, Pinky started working again. At first, it was around midnight with the date that it stopped working. But then, the time and date automatically caught up. After some updates to the computer and some of the apps up there, I was all caught up again. I get rid of some apps that I shouldn’t have on that laptop. I even changed the wallpaper and lock screen. I got the mouse working too. I think Pinky started working again before I took out the hard drive, put it back in, and didn’t mess with it for about a year. I don’t know. Technology can be weird like that sometimes.

The only problem is that the files on there are out of date. I did get my Sims game up to date on Pinky. (I will have to update Origin and Sims 4 on it too, but that’s for another time.) I can just upload my files to Google Drive and download them to Pinky. I did it for the Sims 4 game files and that worked beautifully. I will have to see if OneDrive will sync up with Pinky too. I will also need to figure out why Pinky’s battery wasn’t charging yesterday when I had it plugged up. It charged fine on Saturday. I need to figure out if it’s where I had it plugged up or if I need a new charge chord. I will have to run the tests while I get everything up to date.

Now, I have to figure out what to do now that I have to functioning laptops again. I will figure something out. Meanwhile, you can…

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