(Light) Rant Corner #7

I’m not too sure if I should do this. I’m not really angry, just really puzzled one this. It’s just one big mess when you break it down. The story goes like this:

I was on a server on Discord called Durarara Zone. Me being a huge Durarara fan and looking for readers and connects, I joined up in late January. Now, I was bit enthusiast with my pimping of the Wonderland series. The admin and moderator told me to tone it down and I did. Now, last Wednesday, I was writing and hanging out on Durarara Zone when the tab on Chrome restarted and the channel disappeared on the side bar. I freaked out because I thought the server went down. I friended the mod and asked what happened. Here is the exchange that went down:

NoizchildLast Wednesday at 11:03 PM
Uh… what happened to the Durarara Zone? Did I get kicked out?

[Name]Last Wednesday at 11:05 PM
 Hey there, So there were a lot of things going on behind the scenes involving other users. While I cannot go into detail, a large argument pertaining to you broke out. After weeks of trying to deal with this quietly, I made the executive decision to simply remove you from the server to quell the conflagaration threatening the other channels. I can’t tell you what it was about or who was involved, however, I did not run this decision past the other mods therefore I’m the only one reponsibile. There is no way for me to ‘un’-ban you, however, I am aware of other Durarara based servers which some of our present members are also on.

NoizchildLast Wednesday at 11:07 PM
I’m sorry if I caused any trouble. I was unaware of what I did.

[Name]Last Wednesday at 11:07 PM
It’s fine, it’s not so much you as it is the other people. But in terms of solving a with b or c, I chose be rather than c.
Some people are just rather immature still. But there is nothing to be done on that front. In any case, I’m sorry we were unable to discuss this with you previously.
NoizchildLast Wednesday at 11:08 PM
Okay. Maybe I might run into you on another server. Say, what do you recommend?
[Name]Last Wednesday at 11:09 PM
I know [Name] runs an RP server. I would probably start there?
They are [Name] on tumblr.
NoizchildLast Wednesday at 11:09 PM
Thanks for the suggestion.
[Name]Last Wednesday at 11:09 PM
Of course, and good luck!

(Names have been changed out of curtsy.)

Now, I didn’t protest anything. I made my own channel and joined another one, in fact. But the more I thought about, the more this doesn’t make any sense. I had not involvement is this so-called argument or the people involved. So… why did I get banned? Plus, the mod did it without warning. On top of that, they deleted all of my messages on the server. People on there started to ask questions. Admin and mod claimed they gave the “reason” and for people to stop asking questions. They added that I “harassed” several people and they blocked me. Uh… That’s not what I was told! Why are you going to tell me one thing and then tell the members of the channel something else and then tell them to stop asking questions because it’s none of their business? And if that was the case, then why not tell me up front? Either somebody’s lying or they don’t know what the hell they are doing. Essentially, I was banned for no reason. They did me dirty.

Now, I am not mad. Just confused. I’m just going to let it go now and move on. To the admins and mod on Durarara Zone, I wish you luck. Admins and mods, don’t do this to people. It’s wrong and it makes your channel look bad. To other Durarara/Naritaverse fans, avoid this server like the plague! This could happen to you too.

That’s all.

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