Controversial Album Covers IX (Pt. 19)

Year: 1999

Devourment: Molesting the Decapitated


The Problem: Devourment helped pave the way for slam on their debut album, Molesting the Decapitated. With an album title that grotesque it has to be accompanied by questionable artwork and the California death metal outfit did just that. The band purchased the Man Without Head image from photographer Joel-Peter Witkin.

My Take: It looks like a headless dummy in a wax museum. In fact, I think this was shot in a wax museum. It’s actually not as bad as the cover I have posted in this display.

Kevin Rowland: My Beauty


The Problem: For reasons known only to himself, Dexys Midnight Runners’ frontman Kevin Rowland appeared on his much-trumpeted covers album, My Beauty, dressed in drag and heavy make-up. Confused by his radical new direction, fans pelted him with bottles when he wore the same ensemble onstage at the 1999 Reading Festival.

My Take: I read somewhere that he looks like he was set up for a prank in this album cover. I actually agree with the person who read this. (I don’t remember when and where I saw that comment.) He looks so confused here. They should’ve tried to make him look prettier. You know, actually reflect the title of the album.

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