Controversial Album Covers IX (Pt. 17)

Year: 1996

Makaveli: The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory


The Problem: When, 2Pac’s, excuse me, Makaveli’s album cover was originally developed, it was meant to be an artistic statement of how 2Pac felt about the media’s treatment of him. He reportedly felt that they were crucifying him. After the album was released people began wondering whether Death Row was trying to compare 2Pac to Jesus. And even though the album included a disclaimer, “In no way is this portrait an expression of disrespect for Jesus Christ,” the album cover still offended a lot of religious people.

My Take: It’s 2Pac Jesus who died for our hip-hop sins! I do like the message behind it. It’s a shame that Makaveli had to break it down to his audience like they were little children. Oh the annoyance of being an artist.

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