Controversial Album Covers IX (Pt. 12)

Year: 1991

Great White: Hooked


The Problem: For their fifth full-length, Hooked, the consummate gentlemen in Great White chose a design of a naked woman straddling a large hook being hoisted from the sea. Following objections, the cover was reprinted so that the model and hook were partially submerged in the ocean. Well played, sirs.

My Take: It doesn’t really look too bad. Both the censored and uncensored version play on the title of the album. It would’ve been cooler if the woman was made into a topless mermaid and really bring out the imagery from the title. Still, I’ve gotten pretty used to seeing nudity by this point.

Type O Negative: Slow, Deep, and Hard


The Problem: Type O Negative were always a sarcastic bunch who sometimes were the only ones to understand their demented sense of humor. The title of their first album, Slow, Deep and Hard is well-represented in the hazy, green album cover. A closeup of intercourse graces the raw debut and is not quite the poster image for advertising “safe sex.” Surprisingly, no alternate artwork was made.

My Take: This one is not as gross as the other album cover in this project. At first, I couldn’t tell what I was looking at here. I can kind of see it now. Still, not too bad. I have seen worse at this point. (Like this band’s other album cover!)

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