Controversial Album Covers IX (Pt. 9)

Year: 1988

Ice-T: Power


The Problem: Not long ago, Ice-T was a rapper, not a Law & Order detective. In fact, Ice-T’s sophomore album Power became subject of controversy when released thanks to the provocative pose that Darlene Ortiz (girlfriend at the time) struck while holding a shotgun in a skimpy bikini. In 1988, the album cover was a bit risqué for the time but is far from shocking these days.

My Take: Ice-T, buddy, we’ve missed you! It’s been so long since you’ve made an appearance in this project. We haven’t seen you since 2014. This cover actually isn’t too bad compared to the previous three in this blog. The woman isn’t even showing much skin on the cover. Her boobs and genitals are covered up. Are they sure that’s bikini? That’s a one piece, but I digress. I’m about to beat a dead horse with this, but: this is a far cry from the man that now plays a cop on TV. I guess time does mellow you out.

Boogie Down Productions: By All Means Necessary


The Problem: In 1987, after Boogie Down Productions’ Scott La Rock’s murder, Krs-One posed for their second album cover alone, staring out a window surveying for enemies, gripping an Uzi as Malcolm X had his rifle two decades before (a nod to Don Charles’s famous photo). The landmark political-orientated album covered social issues that included government-sanctioned poverty, government & police corruption, safe sex, and violence in the Hip Hop community. The album’s cover portraying an infamous militant-inspired pose paired with its controversial lyrics ruffled a few feathers in the music industry.

My Take: The history of this album cover is rather interesting. I had to do a quick search about this band and the album itself before I could post my take on this. What do people expect? It’s gangster protest rap? Being controversial is the only way to get anyone’s attention the problems going on with the world. I say, right on and more power to them!

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